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20 November 2007
Blog Campaign: Nationalise Northern Rock!
We have won some nice victories over recent years. We supported the Serbs when they faced aggression in 1999 and we said that the agreement that was signed to end the war would not last. Less than a decade later, it looks as if everything we said has started to come true. Soon, it is to be hoped, Serbia will take full control of its recalcitrant province. More importantly for us, the class enemy at home will be left to taste the ash in their mouths.

We also said that Iraq would fight and by God we were proved right on that. Those young men with their crude weaponry have earned the respect of free men everywhere. Others would have gone into capitalism's long night, but the Iraqis chose to fight. Now, almost five years after their agony began, with the British huddled at Basra airport and the Americans forced to begin the draw down of their forces, the guerrillas know that General Time has brought his forces into action on their side. They have to hold on, but not for much longer. Keep the Americans dying, keep their economy howling: victory to Iraq is within reach.

However, all these victories have been defensive on our part. We are still fighting the wrong battles. We need to take the class war to our enemy and start putting him on the defensive. We need an issue that all socialists can rally behind and which has the broadest possible base of popular support.

We may have one in the Northern Rock crisis. This bank needs to be taken into public ownership as quickly as possible, otherwise the British people will be left with a monster bill when it finally crashes. The Liberal-Democrats want it nationalised, as do commentators like Will Hutton. Neil Clark is the first of the heavyweight bloggers to call for this, so a consensus is rapidly building up amongst quite a few of the opinion formers.

Can the blogs do anything? Sure, why not? Let's have a socialist blog campaign to nationalise Northern Rock. How would it run? I have no idea. . . Let's start with a banner that blogs can stick up. Then let's get some discussions going about how we can take the battle forward.

Comrades, this campaign is winnable. People said that we could never keep the 20,000 Iraqi collaborators out of Britain, but we did! Let's build on our previous successes, but this time in a positive way. And what could be more positive than starting to roll back the privatisations of the past generation?

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