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14 November 2007
Better Care With BetterCare.com
I wish that Bettercaring.com had been around over a decade ago when my father was still alive. The final couple of years of his life were made very difficult thanks to the activities of the social work industry who wanted to force him into a nursing home against his wishes. I managed to fend them off, but the whole affair still leaves me with a nasty taste in the mouth. This site aims to answer those crucial questions that people have when they are considering a care home, for instance, and it does it in a simple, easy to navigate way.

What the site does is set out your options, and it tells you your rights, and the benefits that you can claim. That for me was the problem when my father became elderly. The internet hardly existed, and getting information involved travelling back to the UK and then wrenching it out of Oldham Council.

Today, Bettercaring.com exists to give you that basic information. What it means is that when you go up against your local social work industry, you will have the facts and information that will allow you to put forward your case, and to press your demands.
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