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17 November 2007
Adult Sex Toys At Vibrator.com
Click photo to enter. . .

Click on that photo if you dare. This is not a site for the narrow minded Mary Whitehouse types. Inside the Vibrator.com website you will find an Aladdin's Cave of adult sex toys that are guaranteed to enliven the most jaded and world weary roué and his partners.

We could spend hours describing what is hidden behind that photo, but for the few of you who are still here, let me say that Christmas is coming and you will be too, time and time again, just as soon as you take delivery of some of these sexual goodies.

Do you like vibrators? I didn't know that there were so many different types around these days. There are rabbit vibrators, waterproof vibrators - as well as traditional vibrators that give out more of a hit than your mother could ever have imagined possible!

What about some sex toys? Something that will get you in the mood when the lights go out, perhaps? There are dildos and dongs, bondage gear and strap-ons. All ready and waiting to turn you and your partner on from the moment they arrive at your door.

Had you ever considered playing adult games? It is hard to imagine people having so much fun with their clothes off, but click on the link and there is the proof.

Finally, and just for the literary element who read this blog, why not buy an updated translation of the famous Kama Sutra? The reproductions of the sixth century drawings are guaranteed to give you some new ideas, and the text is an updated version of Sir Richard Burton's Nineteenth century translation.

As I said, Christmas is coming, and it's time you were too!
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