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30 November 2007
Still failing to save face by saving Iraq's Quislings
Dan Hardie has a new post up - that make two this month! He's back on the save the Harkis trail, and there is an air of desperation to his plaintive little cries. The Exile doesn't know why he is trying to flog this very dead horse... Maybe his plans for a tasty little number in journalism have come to nought?

Look, Dan, here's the deal: with Iraq going tits up, and the government rocked by a scandal a day, do you really think that even NuLabour is stupid enough to bring over 20,000 Quislings to Britain?

Are you so stupid to believe that the British people would accept that? This blog started the campaign to keep those cockroaches out: we fucked you once and we'll do it again.

Dan offers a few talking points. He's good at that is our Dan. Well The Exile's talking points helped create a lot of letters to a lot of regional newspapers, so let's dig 'em out again.

Not our war! Not our problem! Not our Harkis!


29 November 2007
Spoof Blog
I'm not a great fan of spoof blogs to be honest. I think that if someone has something to say then they should either say it under their real name or use just one monicker.

There is a new spoof blog on the block, written by a Harry's Place webmong who uses the monicker of Wardytron. I found out about it on about the 17th of this month, and couldn't decide what to do. Spilling the beans would have been fun, but the webmong had added links to my sites from his cod blog. Links are like shags and I just can't get enough of either, so I decided to let the little pretty boy carry on with his pretty little game.

A few more links later and I began to feel that I had made the right move, but now the truth is coming out so it's time to stick the boot in.

Sorry, webmong, but it is not a good idea to gloat about your activities all over the fucking net.


28 November 2007
Brothel Owner Supports Ron Paul

A Nevada knocking shop owner has decided to support Ron Paul's campaign for the American Presidency. The Texas Congressman has raised millions of dollars with his web based campaign, and should get a few dollars more from this really rather wonderful publicity. To say nothing of the fact that the brothel's punters are being invited to pony up $5.00 a head to keep the Ron Paul campaign up as it were.

Ron Paul has come under some fierce criticism of late from both the NeoCon right and the loonier, sectarian left, but he is a strong opponent of the wars of aggression that the USA is waging. For that reason alone, The Exile wishes him well and hopes that he becomes the Republican candidate.

Besides, getting elected with the help of a shagging shop is too rich for words.
Will Russia and Serbia sign a full defence treaty?
Are Russia and Serbia close to signing a defence treaty? We have been speculating for some days that Russia might offer a security guarantee to Serbia, but could Moscow and Belgrade go one stage further and sign a full blown treaty? If not, then why all this speculation that Russia may station missiles on Serbian territory? Obviously, Serbia would want something out of that arrangement, and a pledge from Russia to come to her aid if she ever suffers another aggression like the 1999 one would seem to me to be necessary.

Obviously it would be a good thing if they did sign up to a formal mutual defence treaty. If such a treaty were to be signed then other countries could be drawn into the new pact. That would send a signal to any globalist still out there that the world is changing and expansionism has run into a clearly defined frontier beyond which it cannot cross.
27 November 2007
Waiting for "a tiny miracle"
Unless a tiny miracle happens and a new Left Party is formed before the next UK General Election, I doubt after that election there will be a single working class MP in the Westminster Parliament... We have already reached the stage when if you look at the class backgrounds of the current crop... it appears to be more like 1907 than 2007. It is as if the major social changes that took place in the UK over the three decades that followed WW2 never happened, as these days almost the entire House of Commons comes from the urban middle classes. ... the working classes are becoming invisible from both Houses of Parliament.
There isn't anything that I can disagree with about this posting, and it is getting quite a justified airing around the socialist blogs. I think that there are two reasons why we have come to this pretty pass. The first is the professionalising of politics, and the second the takeover of the Labour Party at local level.

When Sir Winston Churchill lost the 1945 election it looked for a time as if Chartwell, Churchill's Kent home, would have to go on the market. A group of well wishers bought it and the Churchill's remained there until their deaths, whereupon it passed to the nation.

In those days it was expected that a Tory or Liberal would have a private income and that Labour men would have union sponsorship. I meant that the Commons more or less represented the two great classes that make up British society. It also meant that the middle class rabble by and large were kept out of politics.

Today becoming a member of the House of Commons is a tasty little earner for an ambitious little scrote who wants to trouser away a few thousand pounds a year. It is not the wage that is the problem, but all those lovely tax free expenses.

That by itself is not enough to explain why the Labour benches are now crawling like maggots over a corpse with middle class scrotes. The blame for that can be laid at the door of the lower middle class who have basically taken over the local Labour Parties. As was argued here, living in a working class district these days is rather like living under colonial rule. This being so, why does anyone expect those local colonial administrators to select someone who hates their guts? They choose someone from a nice home, with a nice background, who will put forward nice policies, that nice people like. The job of the working class is to turn out and vote for these chancers every four years or so. Other than that they must know their place.

The only way that this will change is if working class people stop allowing themselves to be used as voting fodder. To a certain extent this is happening, as more and more of our people simply refuse to vote.

That said, we need a pro-active answer, and one that will rally our tribe to battle. Partly that is what The Exile is all about, exploring paths that will lead to our class taking its justified retribution. Alas, although I can see the problem, I do not have an answer to it.

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Chaa Creek for the next adventure holiday
Are you looking for a spot of adventure travel? Check out Chaa Creek in Belize, as it looks like the place to go for your next adventure holiday. It's even inspired a new type of genre fiction, soon to be known I suspect as Belize fiction, with stories based on the region.
26 November 2007
Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo are lost: what is our answer to coming crisis?
Over half of Afghanistan is now controlled to a greater or lesser degree by the Taliban, according to a report quoted in The Guardian. Let's face it, everyone else has failed to conquer that country so why did anyone think that the Americans and their puppets would succeed?

As Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo all go tits up for western expansionism, the time is right for working class activists to start putting forward our agenda. The only problem that we have is the lack of a vehicle that will put forward out collectivist demands.

Ludicrous, isn't it? At the very moment when the system is about to come under a major crisis of legitimacy, we have nothing prepared that can offer to take its place.

That noise that I can hear is the sound of the generation of 1945, all spinning in their graves.
24 November 2007
Gimlet Kamm name drops again: Exile gets yet more laughs

He likes name dropping, does young Gimlet Kamm. So would you if you were a short-arsed little fucker that everyone laughed at. The problem is that this time the name that has been dropped just happens to be that of John Sweeney. . . Hmm, it might have been a better idea, Gimlet, if you had picked another name. Still, thanks for the laugh, eh?

And the reason for the name drop? Screamer Sweeney went off to Venezuela and came back with a report that was critical of Hugo Chavez Frias. However, he did admit that the poor are gaining out of the revolution, so who cares about the rest?

Screamer didn't scream once, which is a pity. I wonder if Gimlet screams? I'll bet he does. And throws his Teddie around the room. Poor Teddie.


23 November 2007
Serbia refuses to yield Kosovo
The Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has announced that Serbia rejects all the offers and threats that the western powers have made to her recently to surrender her southern province. He went on to state that if Serbia agreed to these demands, it would be the first time that a European country had been so dismembered since the treatment was meted out to Czechoslovakia at the Munich Agreement of 1938.

If the translation of Prime Minister Kostunica's words is accurate, then there is only one conclusion that can be drawn:

Serbia will fight for Kosovo.
Blog Awards, or let's laugh along at Harry's place
As you know Neil Clark came in for a bit of stick from the wankblogs over his successful campaign to win the Best UK Blog Award. One of the main culprits was Harry's Place, a blog that ran a laughably inept campaign for the same award in 2006.

So they mocked a type of campaign that they had run exactly a year earlier. Wonderful!

Cheers: Martin Meenagh.
22 November 2007
What's the price of petrol in the UK?
I see that the price of oil is now just a touch below the incredible $100 a barrel mark. So what's the price of a gallon of petrol back home these days? Here in Mexico it works at at about £1.50 a gallon. (Note to U.S. readers: the imperial gallon is a bit bigger than the American version.)

That must seem pretty cheap I suppose? Actually it is pretty fucking cheap, thanks in no small measure to Pemex, the state owned oil company which also runs all the petrol stations. Prices are set with government approval and they are the same at every petrol station throughout the country.

I know that Mexico is a major oil producer, but Britain also has her reserves in the North Sea. Alas for you, Britain also has governments that like pretending that the country is still a really, really great power. Maybe that is why your petrol is so expensive - that whacking amount of tax that goes on every gallon? Well, teaching Johnny Arab a lesson doesn't come cheap, does it?

As for me, I prefer to live in a country without pretensions or delusions. The petrol's cheaper too.
21 November 2007
Ian Douglas Smith, 1919 - 2007

Click the photo to visit one of the last pro-Rhodesian sites.

Ian Douglas Smith has died at the age of 88. If you want to read an obituary, then a fair one can be found here.

Smith and the Rhodesians were proto-Thatcherites who liked to pretend that they were self-sufficient pioneers. Actually most whites lived in Salisbury, the capital city, where most of them were employed as civil servants. They could never understand why Britain did not support them, but the reason was obvious to me during the time that I spent there: who on earth would want to support a gang of poujadist shopkeepers, bovine factory foremen and retired British army NCOs?

Today, when Tony Blair as Labour leader can stand at a Labour Conference and claim that Labour represents "those who strive" they would probably be held up by both main parties as people worth supporting, but then they were just regard as scum, as this 1980 article makes clear. Anyway, for the record, scum is what they were.

Had the Rhodesia Crisis happened in 2005 instead of 1965 things probably would have been very different. Those same fake-socialists who today cheer on the forward march of capitalism would, I have no doubt, have found something progressive in Ian Smith and his people. As it is they have to content themselves with the odd discrete call for the kaffir to be put firmly back in his place. That said, when they do, as this reply to a Drink Soaked Wankers For War posting demonstrates, they get put firmly in their place.
Donate an old car to Car Angel Ministries
Do you want to donate a car to help fund a worthy cause? I'm serious, if you have an old banger that you can't be bothered fixing up to sell, then Car Angel Ministries will take it off your hands for you. You are even eligible for an IRS deduction from your next tax bill, courtesy of your donation.

Why a car donation, is that what I hear you ask? Well, think about it for a moment. Do you really have the time and patience to get your old car's paperwork in order so that it can be sold? Then you have all the trouble to go to of advertising it and waiting for people to arrive, only to have them haggle for hours about the price. Quite frankly, when you are dealing with something that doesn't have much value, anyway, all that is often more trouble than it is worth. So car donations make sense if only for that reason. However, there are also lots of good reasons why a car donation is worthwhile in other ways.

Car Angel Ministries has partner charities across the USA and helps single mothers, orphans and recovering drug addicts with food distributions and educational materials. In other words, by donating your old car you are helping other people to eat and, hopefully, to get their lives in order.

This Christian group also uses the revenue from car donations to offer completely free children's DVDs to anyone who wants them. As you will see when you click on the link that I have just given you, many of these films have won prestigious awards at the film festivals.

This looks like a good idea where everyone stands to gain something. You get rid of your old car and the donation is tax deductible. Car Angel Ministries uses your donation to fund good works, including free children's DVDs.
20 November 2007
Northern Rock Petition
The Lib-Dems have started an on-line petition:

Gordon Brown is paying out billion of pounds of taxpayers' money in loans to bail out the Northern Rock bank.

But he is refusing to tell us how much of our money he is spending, and even whether it is ever going to be paid back in full.

When taxpayers' money is being used, we should be told how much.

Media reports suggest as much as £24 billion has been lent, but Gordon Brown is refusing to tell the country just how much – and refusing to give a commitment that all the money will be paid back with the correct amount of interest.

£24 billion is equivalent to twice the amount of public expenditure on primary schools every year, and four times the international aid budget!

Gordon Brown should come clean on Northern Rock - it's our money, not his!

Back the campaign by signing our petition:

We, the undersigned, believe that Gordon Brown should come clean on Northern Rock. He must reveal how much of our money he has lent the bank, and tell us when they will pay it back.

It isn't much, but this petition seems to be the only game in town at the moment. I hope that all my readers will click over there and sign it.
Blog Campaign: Nationalise Northern Rock!
We have won some nice victories over recent years. We supported the Serbs when they faced aggression in 1999 and we said that the agreement that was signed to end the war would not last. Less than a decade later, it looks as if everything we said has started to come true. Soon, it is to be hoped, Serbia will take full control of its recalcitrant province. More importantly for us, the class enemy at home will be left to taste the ash in their mouths.

We also said that Iraq would fight and by God we were proved right on that. Those young men with their crude weaponry have earned the respect of free men everywhere. Others would have gone into capitalism's long night, but the Iraqis chose to fight. Now, almost five years after their agony began, with the British huddled at Basra airport and the Americans forced to begin the draw down of their forces, the guerrillas know that General Time has brought his forces into action on their side. They have to hold on, but not for much longer. Keep the Americans dying, keep their economy howling: victory to Iraq is within reach.

However, all these victories have been defensive on our part. We are still fighting the wrong battles. We need to take the class war to our enemy and start putting him on the defensive. We need an issue that all socialists can rally behind and which has the broadest possible base of popular support.

We may have one in the Northern Rock crisis. This bank needs to be taken into public ownership as quickly as possible, otherwise the British people will be left with a monster bill when it finally crashes. The Liberal-Democrats want it nationalised, as do commentators like Will Hutton. Neil Clark is the first of the heavyweight bloggers to call for this, so a consensus is rapidly building up amongst quite a few of the opinion formers.

Can the blogs do anything? Sure, why not? Let's have a socialist blog campaign to nationalise Northern Rock. How would it run? I have no idea. . . Let's start with a banner that blogs can stick up. Then let's get some discussions going about how we can take the battle forward.

Comrades, this campaign is winnable. People said that we could never keep the 20,000 Iraqi collaborators out of Britain, but we did! Let's build on our previous successes, but this time in a positive way. And what could be more positive than starting to roll back the privatisations of the past generation?
19 November 2007
Personalised credit card at Mint.co.uk
Do you fancy a mint for Christmas? No, I'm not talking about sweets, I'm talking about the new Mint credit card that is on offer from the Royal Bank of Scotland. You can use it for credit card consolidation if you wish, but it has some other advantages as well.

The first of these is that Mint is offering you 0% interest on purchases made before the 1st June 2008. Not only that, but they offer you a credit limit of up to £7,500. Furthermore, there is no annual fee with the Mint card and you can apply for it on-line. I did mention that Christmas is coming, didn't I?

The thing that I like about this card is that you can personalise it. That's right, you just send your favourite photograph to the nice people at Mint and within a fortnight you should have your credit card personalised with that photo on it. I'm sorry, but I just find things like that amusing.

The Royal Bank of Scotland's Mint card can be used anywhere that you see the Mastercard sign: so what are you waiting for?
The Exile welcomes all the new readers
The Exile is receiving more hits than we have ever had before, thanks to Neil Clark's link to us from his Guardian article. Let's hope that some of you like what you find and want to return.

It is certain that his article, and the victory in the Blog Awards which inspired it, have set the wankblogs a-squawking. They want to set the agenda and fantasise that their views are those of the British mainstream. However, as they found out when they tried to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators into the UK, their views are about as far from the mainstream as it is possible to get. It's at times like that when even quite small blogs can have an effect out of all proportion to their size.

Hopefully, Neil's victory and the resulting publicity, will serve to not only bring more people to our respective blogs, but will encourage others to take up the blogging game.

Welcome one and all.
18 November 2007
Kosovo Serbs refuse to legitimise their own annihilation
Serbs in the NATO occupied Serbian province of Kosovo have refused to legitimise their own annihilation by voting in the recent elections.

Preliminary counts indicate that one of Kosovo's major criminal figures, Hashim Snake Thaci, has won most of the Albanian vote, not that turnout was very high amongst them, either. Only about 40% - 45% bothered to show up at the polls.

What happens next is out of Serbia's hands. If Moscow will give a security guarantee to Belgrade then the Serbian army can march in and retake the province that was stolen from them as a result of western aggression in 1999.

The Russians should give that guarantee. Kosovo is where globalised capitalism first began its forward march. Therefore it is right and proper that Kosovo is where that march should turn into a humiliating and irreversible retreat.
British To Abandon Basra Province
The British army will formally hand over Basra province next month to whichever Shia warlord has the power to take it, and that will be the end of the Iraq adventure as far as Britain is concerned. Troops may remain at the airport for a short while just to make sure that Whitehall faces are not too reddened by the enormity of the disaster, but sooner rather than later, they will also leave and Southern Iraq will settle down under whatever ruler emerges.

Tony Blair may claim that it was all worthwhile, but it is unlikely that deep down inside he really believes that, and even if he does, nobody else even cares what the little cockroach thinks.

Britain's enthusiasm to expand global capitalism has waned to nothing. Over 160 troops died for no reason at all.

It's over.
Super cheap area rugs at superiorrugs.com

Click Photo To Enter

Superior Rugs have been manufacturing area rugs for over two decades and they stake their reputation on the quality of the area rugs that they have in their virtual showroom.

Most on-line retailers only guarantee their rugs for 15 days, but SuperiorRugs.com backs its products for a full thirty days, with an additional two months guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Unlike almost everyone else who offers cheap area rugs for sale, this company is not a middleman. They manufacture everything that they have for sale and cut out the middlemen completely by offering their area rugs directly to you, the customer. That way they can offer you the best possible dollar price around.

Did I say dollar price? Yes I did, but don't let that put you off because Superior Rugs will ship world wide, so now is your chance to take advantage of the seriously low dollar and buy a treasure for your home at a Sterling or Euro price that will amaze you.

You will be amazed even more when you check out the discount range of cheap area rugs. Some come with a massive 80% discount. I think that a discount rug would be ideal for a room that hasn't been redecorated in a while. If you are planning to paint the walls at some time in the future then obviously you don't want to spend too much money on an area rug. On the other hand, if you are trying to avoid getting out the paint brush - in spite of all your wife's threats to you if your don't - then a discount area rug may just be the answer to your prayers, especially if it keeps your nearest and dearest quiet for a while.

If it is an area rug that you are after, then I do recommend that you take a virtual trip over to Superior Rugs' showroom and see what they have to offer.
17 November 2007
Adult Sex Toys At Vibrator.com
Click photo to enter. . .

Click on that photo if you dare. This is not a site for the narrow minded Mary Whitehouse types. Inside the Vibrator.com website you will find an Aladdin's Cave of adult sex toys that are guaranteed to enliven the most jaded and world weary roué and his partners.

We could spend hours describing what is hidden behind that photo, but for the few of you who are still here, let me say that Christmas is coming and you will be too, time and time again, just as soon as you take delivery of some of these sexual goodies.

Do you like vibrators? I didn't know that there were so many different types around these days. There are rabbit vibrators, waterproof vibrators - as well as traditional vibrators that give out more of a hit than your mother could ever have imagined possible!

What about some sex toys? Something that will get you in the mood when the lights go out, perhaps? There are dildos and dongs, bondage gear and strap-ons. All ready and waiting to turn you and your partner on from the moment they arrive at your door.

Had you ever considered playing adult games? It is hard to imagine people having so much fun with their clothes off, but click on the link and there is the proof.

Finally, and just for the literary element who read this blog, why not buy an updated translation of the famous Kama Sutra? The reproductions of the sixth century drawings are guaranteed to give you some new ideas, and the text is an updated version of Sir Richard Burton's Nineteenth century translation.

As I said, Christmas is coming, and it's time you were too!
16 November 2007
Gimlet Kamm finally loses it.
Has Ollie "Gimlet" Kamm lost the fucking plot? I call him Gimlet, by the way, because a gimlet is a small device used to make holes in wood - a small boring tool in other words. The reason why I ask is that a month ago the readers of this here blog decided that Gimlet was thick as pig shit. Now, evidence is emerging that the short-arsed little fucker is also an insecure social cripple of the first order.

Consider the evidence. This constant harping on about a supposed great victory that Gimlet won against the blogger Neil Clark. The harping was always tedious, but has now become obsessive, even by Gimlet's standards. "Look at me," Gimlet seems to be saying. "Aren't I important?" No, Gimlet, you are not. You are the same now as you were at Oxford: a sad, pathetic little social cripple that nobody wanted anything to do with.

Younger readers will probably have never heard of the Oxford and County Secretarial College, but it was famous as a provider of easy shags to generations of students. The Ox & Cow, to use its colloquial name, ran drinks parties to which just about any male student who wanted to go could get an invitation. Any male student but Gimlet Kamm, that is.

Poor Gimlet just couldn't understand why he didn't get invited. Gimlet, the truth can now be told: it was because you were regarded as a short-arsed little fucker that nobody wanted anywhere near them.

What was true of the Ox & Cow was also true of Apollo, the university's very own Freemasonry lodge, which Gimlet also tried to hack his way into. Gimlet, what can I say? You don't hack Apollo - if they had wanted you then you would have been invited to join. Nobody did, Gimlet, nobody did.

Having failed to make his mark at Oxford, Gimlet then re-emerged a generation later as an advocate of globalist expansionism. Well, that's been a great success, hasn't it?

Then Gimlet started screaming that Britain should accept the two-legged cockroaches that collaborated with imperialism in Iraq. As I write these words those same collaborators are hiding out like so many sewer rats, terrified of the vengeance that they will face when the last Anglo-American occupier finally abandons the country that they betrayed.

Is this why Gimlet feels the need to constantly harp on about Neil Clark? Is it because the whole of his pathetic existence has been one failure after another? No friends and no shags at Oxford for our Gimlet; and every cause that he has ever supported has turned into a disaster for him and a laugh a minute for the rest of us.

What a pathetic little cockroach he is.


Does Starbucks destroy the high street?
Neil Clark has a piece up on his blog that is highly critical of Starbucks and the other chains that seem to dominate many a high street. He argues that:
The Anglo-Saxon model, by favouring big business and global finance over small, locally owned enterprises, has, in a comparatively short space of time destroyed high street diversity in Britain.
As far as Britain is concerned he is obviously correct, but this is not the case across the globe. Here in Mexico Starbucks have their niche, but it is only a small one, and they do not even have a presence outside the small, westernised ghettos that make up a small part of Mexico City.

Mexicans demand service. To be shown to a table that has a tablecloth on it, to be waited on by a friendly waitress who brings their food and drinks to the table, and to spend as long as they wish at that table. It is the complete antithesis of the Starbucks ethos.

The message, I think, is to give the people what they want. In Mexico people will accept a lower quality of coffee in return for a decent level of service at a reasonable price. In Britain, by way of contrast, far too many people seem to want to live like Americans and do everything on the run.

It comes down to culture. Nobody forces people to drink coffee out of a paper cup, and to line up to get it. They choose to do it, so more fool them.
Book Review: 9 1/2 Years behind The Green Door
9 1/2 Years Behind The Green Door, by Simone Corday

Behind The Green Door. . . To anyone around the age of 50 those words are evocative of that golden age before AIDS and too much cocaine ruined everything. I still think that it was one of the greatest porno epics ever made, and I don't just say that because I made some money out of it. If truth be told, I made a fair bit of money out of that film, by taking it and my 8mm projector around the stag and retirement parties of Manchester in the early 1970s. Happy days and easy money - what more could anyone want?

The film was directed by the Mitchell Brothers, Artie and Jim. Artie's lover for almost a decade was Simone Corday, and she has now written her memoirs of those incredible times. It's a wonderful roller-coaster of a read, much of it set in the famous O'Farrell Theatre, owned by the Mitchells and home to some of the wildest sex parties of the early 1980s.

It was the world of Hunter S Thompson, the irreverent journalist who basically lived at the place, of strippers, politicians and sportsmen who made the O'Farrell the place to be. As you will see if you read free chapters that are on offer, it was quite a time - until it all went sour.

Simone Corday is unusual in that she not only lived through this period, but she has the ability to write about it lucidly and well. Take a trip over to her website and buy a copy of her book. You won't be disappointed.
15 November 2007
Michelle Marsh: she cannot shag!

Let us consider this photograph of the lovely Michelle Marsh. More particularly, let us consider the T-shirt that she is wearing and the writing thereon.

Is there not something wrong? Michelle, lovely though she is, cannot have shagged the drummer as she claimed. She may have been shagged by the drummer, but do we not agree that it is impossible for her to have done the shagging?

Let us pause for a moment and ponder these weighty matters.


Russia send signal that she will defend Serbia
Russia sent another signal to the west that she will not sit by and allow Serbia to be dismembered. According to this report from the Byzantine Blog, Dimity Rogozin, Russia's future representative to NATO, has made it clear that just because "migrants suddenly constitute a majority in a region does not mean that they should be given the right to set up their own state". Ouch!

He went on to remind the Germans that Berlin is now the third largest Turkish city in the world after Istanbul and Ankara. Double ouch!

What will the warmongers do? Nothing of course. If Serbia gets the green light from Russia then her army will march back into Kosovo and the warmongers will do nothing. They are not going to fight a world war over a bunch of Albanian pimps and drug dealers.

Is it too fanciful to suggest that a turning point has been reached, and that globalised capitalism will soon be in full retreat? If so, then that obviously does not mark a final victory for labour over capital, but it is a small step on the road.

A defeat for the class enemy is a victory for us, comrades.
14 November 2007
Spanish cartoonists fined for telling truth about royal shag

Two cartoonists who drew the above cartoon showing the Spanish Crown Prince on the job with his missus have been fined £2,000 each for their labours. The Spanish government had announced that it would pay couples just under £2,000 for each new baby born. In the cartoon, the prince is saying that being on the job is the nearest he would ever get to actually having a job.

Is this the reason why the King mouthed off the other day at the Ibero-American summit? That he knew that this attack on the Spanish press was due and wanted to distract attention back home?

It is not the first time that Franco's little fuck boy has played games like this. Back in 1981 a highly theatrical coup was organised by the ruling class to prevent the armed forces from launching a real one. It also had the added bonus of duping the left into moderating their demands for fear that another army revolt was in the offing. It worked and a final showdown between Spanish labour and capital was postponed.

All the more fucking reason, says The Exile, to support the two cartoonists. Getting fooled once is bad enough, but are the Spanish socialists going to allow it to be done to them twice?
Better Care With BetterCare.com
I wish that Bettercaring.com had been around over a decade ago when my father was still alive. The final couple of years of his life were made very difficult thanks to the activities of the social work industry who wanted to force him into a nursing home against his wishes. I managed to fend them off, but the whole affair still leaves me with a nasty taste in the mouth. This site aims to answer those crucial questions that people have when they are considering a care home, for instance, and it does it in a simple, easy to navigate way.

What the site does is set out your options, and it tells you your rights, and the benefits that you can claim. That for me was the problem when my father became elderly. The internet hardly existed, and getting information involved travelling back to the UK and then wrenching it out of Oldham Council.

Today, Bettercaring.com exists to give you that basic information. What it means is that when you go up against your local social work industry, you will have the facts and information that will allow you to put forward your case, and to press your demands.
13 November 2007
Why having your own article directory is a good idea
As a way to get back links there isn't much that can beat an article. The author gets to put his links at the bottom of his articles, and the person who downloads and posts the article gets some free material for his or her site. Everyone is happy, or at least they should be.

The problem is that many of the article directories are run by dipsticks who allow articles to sit in their pending trays for months before deciding whether or not to allow them into the directory. Having had that happen to me on two occasions I decided that I wasn't going to argue, what I was going to have was my very own article directory. So I went ahead and set one up.

As you can see, people are taking articles from it, so it is starting to have its intended effect, which is to give me links.

I think that I will expand the directory to include political articles taken from The Exile. Maybe the political bloggers will want to have an easy night from time to time as well as the money bloggers?
12 November 2007
More on the Chavez spat with Franco's fuck boy
As we commented on yesterday, Spain's King Juan Carlos, also known as Franco's little fuck boy, forgot his place at the Ibero-American Summit in Chile and had the temerity to tell Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias to "shut up".

Well, Chavez Frias did not wait long to stick the boot into the fuck boy, by questioning the presence of Spain's ambassador at the Venezuelan presidential palace during the two-day coup in 2002. "It's very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup plotters without authorisation from his majesty," President Chavez Frias taunted. He then went on to say that the fuck boy was as angry as a bull, before pointing out that he was a good bullfighter - "Ole!"

To a certain extent this is all piss and wind, but there is a serious side to it. Venezuela and its leader are trying to take that country out of the clutches of western capitalism. Spain under Franco's little fuck boy is only too happy to remain a part of it.
Dyson vacuum cleaner parts at Dyson.co.uk
You have heard of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, haven't you? Yes, the one that doesn't use a bag that needs constantly emptying, and which pretty much outsells all the other makes in Britain.

The Dyson Company has just opened a new vacuum cleaner parts and accessories section of their web page which means the site is much easier to navigate than it was before.

Start at the link that I have just given you and then click on the type of Dyson vacuum cleaner that you already have. Is it an upright, cylinder or hand-held model? Just click on your type and then go to the next page to find the part that you need. Everything is laid out simply and it is virtually impossibly to get lost.

Trust me, it couldn't be easier to find just what you need to keep your Dyson vacuum cleaner working properly.
11 November 2007
Franco's fuck boy gets lippy at summit:
It was supposed to help bring the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Europe and America closer together, but it turned into farce when Spain's Prime Minister interrupted Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias who was busy slagging off the previous Spanish government's anti-Venezuelan stance. As Chavez tried to reply, the Spanish King Juan Carlos, told him to "shut up". So much for Hispanic unity...

Franco's hand-picked little fuck boy left the conference hall soon after, so didn't get to hear Cuba and Nicaragua defending the Venezuelans. However, before he left, the Francoist fucker was forced to sit and listen to the rather dignified reply from President Chavez, which was to the effect that Venezuela will always defend its sovereignty.

Chavez Frias should have just reminded him of his arse-licking origins. Contempt really is the only answer to insolence like that.

Still, if the Americans do attack Iran and if the world does face an oil shortage, methinks that Spain is going to feature quite highly on Venezuela's shit list. It would be so nice to think of Juan Carlos having to do a bit of begging under circumstances like that. Yes, very nice indeed. They have long memories in Latin America.

All good fun.
09 November 2007
Neil Clark wins the Best UK Blog Award for 2007!
Neil Clark is the best UK Blogger of 2007! Many thanks to all The Exile readers who voted for him. Neil romped home with 1,116 votes in his column, and you can see the full results here.

Looking back to Friday night, which is when I found out that Neil was in this competition, I never imagined then that we would get involved in a campaign, still less that Neil would end up winning it. I posted a short piece asking folk to vote for him, then I sent him an e-mail with my best wishes and I thought that was the end of the matter. I said in my e-mail that will a bit of luck he could finish in 4th or 5th place, but given the heavyweight competition, that would be no disgrace.

The following day I was idly looking at the full list of ten finalists and I discovered that some of them were running a "stop Clarke" campaign. Reading further, the only explanation that I could come up with for this lunacy was the outrage that they felt at his temerity in opposing their plans to bring over to Britain 20,000 Iraqi Quislings. I couldn't decide whether these chancers were middle class filth or arse-licking scabs, but it didn't matter because the fuckers were going to be in for it either way as far as I was concerned.

So, as things were getting dirty I decided to get more involved with Neil's efforts...

Firstly, I wrote to my fellow pro-bloggers: the people who live in the USA, Canada and Britain and who money blog because they have no other fucking choice that is. In spite of all the lies that we are told, if you don't have your nose jammed up your gaffer's arsehole these days then you are on the cobbles. Neil believes in a collectivised economy, so getting them onside was very easy.

Via The Exile he got the people who know that the enemy is at home, and that enemy does not speak Arabic with an Iraqi accent. Those fuckers who were getting ready to shoot semen all over their monitors at the thought of Neil coming in last were the type of fuckers who voted to close down our factories, attack our unions and put us on the dole. Yes, The Exile's readership were not going to put up with scum like that getting cocky.

Finally, I spoke to Mexicans, and rather a lot of them. I pointed out that under the Mexican Constitution it is a crime punishable by death to collaborate with an enemy in time of war. No trial is provided for and any Mexican national is authorised to carry out the sentence. Mexico, like Iraq, has not only suffered western aggression, but it has a sorry history of collaboration with those enemies, hence the law which dates back over a century. Funnily enough, the only reason why Neil's vote isn't even higher is that the servers jammed up yesterday and people couldn't vote. Mexicans don't like collaborators, or those who encourage collaboration.

So, why did Neil Clark win this vote? He won it because he was the most popular choice, obviously. However, the scale of his victory is due to mouthy middle class filth with more gob than a cow has got cunt who needed to be reminded of their place.

For the next year Neil will have a nice little banner at the top of his page reminding everyone that his is the Best UK Blog for 2007.

Swivel on that, fuckers, and enjoy your defeat.
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It is time you made the switch, people, and BT Total Broadband are ready and waiting to offer you the exact package for your family's needs.
08 November 2007
Neil Clark wins the Best UK Blog Award 2007!
Neil Clark has romped to victory! Many thanks to all who voted for him. A full post will follow later.
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Seeking that new car at the right price has suddenly become a whole lot easier.
Polls close at 10.00pm GMT: Vote for Neil Clark!
The polls close at 10.00pm in the UK, 4.00pm in Mexico City. Neil Clark is leading the pack, but the result is still not in the bag. Please, just one more time, click this link and vote for him.

As I explained here, Neil is the man who did more than any other to keep the Quislings out of Britain. Some of the other political blogs are now screaming about that and trying to whip up support for themselves.

Neil is an ordinary working class person, just like you. He underwent attacks on your behalf the like of which most people would find hard to imagine. Is it too much to ask for you to go and give him a show of support today?

Today is your last chance to give one vote to Neil Clark and two fingers of contempt to the warmongers.
Welcome Home.co.uk
Is it time to go home? For many of us the answer is yes, but the problem is that we have been away for so long that we don't even know where to start looking for accommodation back in the UK. If that is your problem then a website called welcome home.co.uk may just have the answers to some of those problems.

The interesting thing about this site is that they are not regionally specific. They have a page devoted to flats for sale in Leeds, as well as another that details flats in Leicester. If you are interested in the south, they have a large selection in London, as well as other areas that you might like to consider - had you ever thought about properties in Southampton, for instance?

The site comes complete with information that an old exile may just need before he returns home. I particularly liked the articles because of all the information that they contained. Did you know that houses near a London tube station cost on average 21 per cent more than those that are not so blessed? Or that the UK's top property hotspot is now Armagh, in Northern Ireland?

For those of you who have been away just a little too long, welcome home.co.uk is waiting to welcome you home.
07 November 2007
Vote for Neil Clark!
Neil Clark has slipped into the lead for the Best UK Weblog 2007 Award, but the outcome is still far from certain. He is up against some heavyweight blogs, so still needs your support. Have you voted for him today yet? If not, please do so now, and if you can, return to vote on Thursday. That's right, you can vote every 24 hours until the polls close at 10.00pm GMT.

Here's why you should vote for Neil Clark:

When I first posted on the need to keep the Iraqi collaborators out of the UK back in August I never actually imagined that a full blown campaign would begin, nor that it would be so successful. The proponents of that lunatic idea wanted to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators into the UK, and leave the British army still defending Blair's neo-con fantasy in Basra. That's right - let God knows how many Quislings into the country and leave the army to rot. Anything to save face as the disaster unfolded.

Neil Clark put a stop to that load of old wank with a single article in The Guardian. He was screamed at, abused, taunted, but an awful lot of ordinary people who do not read blogs started writing letters to their local newspapers. The government had to take notice of popular opinion.

Today the Iraqi turncoats are hiding out like so many sewer rats, terrified of the consequences of their actions. The message has been sent to Iran. In the event of an invasion, do not collaborate. Look what happened to the Iraqi collaborators...

Let's thank Neil for his work. Let's vote for him today and then again tomorrow before the poll closes.
2007 is already a record year for Iraq
With almost two months to go before 2007 ends, already it has become the bloodiest year for the Americans since they launched their benighted invasion in 2003.

The cull last month was very low, leading to more than one semen stained monitor as the gallant boys of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders began to gloat that victory was near. However, the Iraqis are now roaring back into action with a cull of 13 for the month of November so far. Will they break all records and reach a thousand for the year? Well, just under 150 more and they will have reached that magic number.

So boys, how's the victory chant now? Sticking in your throats, I'll bet.
05 November 2007
A warm welcome to our new visitors
The Exile would like to give a warm welcome to the new visitors who are flooding in from both Juan Cole's blog as well as from Crooked Timber. Make yourselves at home, folks, and I hope that you like what's on offer.

The Crooked Timber Brigade are here because I took the liberty of nominating myself for a supposed best blogposts' award. Juan Cole's Light Division are here because this blog is supporting the Cole drive to close down the American Embassy in Baghdad.
03 November 2007
Weblog Awards 2007
An American site is running its Weblog Awards 2007, and there is a best UK category. Neil Clark has been nominated, so please get over there and vote for him. You can vote once every 24 hours for some reason.
Exile's prediction comes true
On the 31st October this blog predicted that some sad-arsed loser would come along and argue that the corner had been turned in Iraq, that victory was in sight... The only question was which webmong would do it?

Step forward Harry's Place to hear the raucous laughter - and thanks for being such tossers.

I just love being right - and so far as Iraq and the fast dwindling band of warmongers is concerned that isn't hard these days.
02 November 2007
Blog campaign to close American Embassy in Baghdad
Juan Cole has started a blog campaign to try and force the closure of the new American Embassy in Baghdad. The killer paragraph is:
There is, in addition to the daily danger, no good escape route for civilian personnel from Baghdad. The troop escalation will be reversed by next year this time, and as the US draws down, the Green Zone is in danger of being overwhelmed by the Mahdi Army. The State Department employees sent there for two year missions are the ones who may end up in secret JAM prisons, as happened in Tehran in 1979.
This campaign strikes me as a winner for anti-war American bloggers. If they can force the State Department to close the embassy, then it will send a clear signal to the warmongers that the war is being lost. On the other hand if it stays open, and diplomats are injured or killed, then they can say that this is what they said would happen.

Like everything else that comes out of Iraq these days, this one is a win-win for us.
01 November 2007
Let's all link together
Why do political blogs not like linking to each other very much? That is especially true of the leftist blogs. Surely the point is that the more links we have, the more we link we have, the more people will click on them and explore new sites? We all want people to read our stuff, so let's not be sniffy about whom we link to. The important thing is that we interlink.

The start the ball rolling, your friendly Exile, who is now the proud owner of a blog that is ranked four on the Google Page Rankings and which has an Alexa Rating of 750,000, is offering a deal to any political blog within range. Link to me and I will link to you. My readers visit you and yours visit me.

Easy when you think about it.
Mexico and the Day of the Dead
The first two days in November are the Days of the Dead in Mexico. The blog always gets new visitors at this time of year as we posted about the festival extensively in October and November of 2005.

All those photographs, and a long article to boot, can be found via ask-ken.info, or by clicking on this link which will take you straight to the pages.
Save Buckets with SaveBuckets.com
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It's a completely independent price comparison site. Pay them a visit and you can compare prices on a seriously wide range of products as offered by hundreds of retailers.

Let's look at this in more detail. Say that you are interested in mp3 players and want to see what is on offer. Just click on the link that I have given you and there they are, over a thousand of them. When you find one that interests you, just click on the link below it to compare prices.

Alternatively you can search via the "search shops you know" feature, which allows you to only look for products from the main high street retailers such as PC World, Dixons and Asda. Many people prefer to buy from a name that they trust, which is why this feature is offered. However, as well as showing the prices from these shops, SaveBuckets.com will also tell you if there is a lower price on offer from another source.

Christmas is coming and you will be spending money soon whether you like it or not. Why trek around the shopping centres when you can look for what you want with SaveBuckets.com from the comfort of your own home?