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13 October 2008
Why the British left might want to cheer on McCain
Should the British left be hoping that John McCain wins the American presidential election next month?

One of the giants of British socialism, the late Ian Mikardo, once said that you can't make a socialist omelet without cracking a fair few capitalist eggs. One of those eggs that is going to have to be cracked sooner of later is the NATO alliance, and there is more chance of that happening with a McCain presidency than with the version that Obama will offer.

Cast your minds back to the aftermath of the 11th September 2001 attacks on the USA. Support for the USA rose to an all-time high across the country and it looked as if Blair's Nu-Labour wet dream would sweep the board for at least another generation. The only thing that the left could do faced with circumstances like that was batten down the hatches and pray for a miracle.

The miracle arrived in the form of Chimp Bush and his war against Iraq. Let's be honest, if the chimp had stuck with Afghanistan then we would have continued to be outflanked by a Nu-Labour regime that would probably have continued to ride high in public esteem. Not only that, but it is also highly likely that the current financial meltdown would have been postponed for a few more years. It was the chimp's preference for paying for his wars on credit, rather than raising taxes, that is one of the factors responsible for the meltdown that working class people are sitting back and enjoying at the moment.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who also believes in basically the same nonsense as the chimp, and who would continue his policies until the American economy just cracks under the strain? By then people in Britain, who seem to be keen Obama supporters, might just be demanding an end to the American presence in Britain. You never know your luck...

With Obama we are liable to receive a charm offensive that will aim at repairing the damage done to Anglo-American relations by the chimp, coupled with some solid Keynesian policies at home that could shore up the crumbling American economic system.

If you look at things in that light, McCain might very well turn out to be the man for us.

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