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01 October 2008
Who is Stephanie, the stripping air hostess?
People still write to me asking for more information about Stéphanie, the stripping French air stewardess. If you missed the story that took the web by storm back in February, then her first video is here, and this link takes you to her second video outing.

The air hostess uniform that she removes in her two videos belonged to an airline called AOM which ceased operations in 2001. So the videos are now about eight years old at least.

Thanks to one contributor, I found an AOM website which seems to be maintained by a former company employee. I searched through every photo and video, but couldn't find the elusive French stewardess.

Her name is Stéphanie, and note the frog spelling, you men, but other than that we know very little about her. The only thing that is clear is that she isn't wearing a wedding ring in either video, contrary to what was being said around the web at the time the videos broke. That story probably began with people who were too busy looking at her incredible knockers to look at her hands! Stéphanie has a ring on each of her middle fingers, but none on the third finger of her left hand.

So what else do we know about her? Well, she looks about 30 in the videos, so that puts her in her late 30s today. She can't be working for AOM because the airline doesn't exist, but given her exhibitionist streak there might be more videos of her kicking around. What else? Oh, yes, she likes to shave her pussy. Mustn't forget that...

OK, can anyone help? We just love her around here and want to know more about the girl.



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