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31 October 2007
This month's cull looks set to be low: here's why
I just want to get this in before a wankblogger does. At the time of writing the cull of American occupiers in Iraq for the month of October stands at 36. I can just smell the eagerness with which the tossers will start to claim that this proves that the tide has turned, and that soon - very soon - the guerrillas will march out to surrender. Then will come the victory parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, as Iraq's defeated and humiliated leadership is marched past the podium where the chimp will stand, a smirk of pure triumph on his face. After being forced to kneel to kiss the presidential banner, they will be taken off to Guantanamo to provide a spot of free entertainment for the knuckle dragging sadists who run that torture centre. You can almost smell the semen as the world of wankbloggery starts pulling on their collective todgers and shooting all over their monitors.

There are two slight problems with this scenario:

The first is that 2007 look set to be the bloodiest year for the Americans since their war against Iraq began in 2003. Just ten more Americans dead and it will be the bloodiest year up to now - and Iraq has two long months to reach that tally.

The second problem is that the USA has basically given up trying to fight the Iraqis on the ground and has started bombing the shit out of them from the air. Obviously given those circumstances the number of targets that are presented for the Iraqi forces to aim at is lower than it was when the Americans were still trying to subjugate the country on the ground.

In the long run, of course, all the terror raids will do is create more guerrillas, but in the short term it could provide an opportunity for the 101st Fighting Keyboarders to claim something or other.

Sorry, boys, no such claims will be entertained.

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