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08 October 2008
The second presidential debate was as boring as the first
Did you watch the debate? I tried but found myself nodding off after about the first 30 minutes. There is just something about the bollock numbing format that the Americans use for these affairs that is almost guaranteed to send people to sleep. Needless to say it ended in a draw which meant that Barack Obama basically won.

The reason for that had nothing to do with what either man said: it had to do with the Dow-Jones falling 500 points yesterday. The Republicans are responsible for the economic mess that the country is in and Obama is emerging as the likely winner on the basis of a desire to throw the rascals out.

However, there is one thing that should give the Democrats pause for thought. The American economy is tanking, people are losing their homes to repossession orders and America is bogged down in two wars that cannot be won. The question that should trouble Democrats is why Obama is only ahead by a measly five to eight percent, depending on which poll you read? Given that background he should be leading by at least double that.

That hasn't happened largely because McCain has turned Sarah Palin loose as the campaign's attack bitch and she is doing a quite remarkable job of reminding people that Barack Hussein Obama - as she now almost always calls him - is a big city boy who has links to some dodgy Chicago types, and is black to boot. Oh, and he went to one of those fancy colleges that Sarah's supporters can't get in to.

For that strategy to work properly the focus has to shift away from the economy. On the basis of the second debate that is something that hasn't happened yet, and there must be some doubt now if it ever will.



Sara Palin appraisal was good, the the coming liquidity crisis was excellent, and this post is just bollocks. You should have stayed aware rather than using the Republican talking point.
Mc Cain is not credible and thank god America is waking up to that fact.
Just about every poll scored an Obama win in this debate, and as for the format, it isn't great but far better than we manage in the UK, and considerable better than the Russians and the Chinese manage

8 October 2008 at 19:28  

It seems remarkable that Obama being "black" is a talking point.
Or that Palin is a "woman".

It's the best person for the job.

McCain or Palin, both are religious nutters or war mongerers, so it's witchcraft or warfare.

I'm not an Obama supporter, but he'll pick up votes to spare us the "ducking stool".

I can't believe the idiots put up for election by the NeoCons.

"world of warfare" is a playstation game, someone tell the Neocons...

8 October 2008 at 20:13  

The latest poll for CBS has Obama on 45% and McCain on 43%. I accept that this could be a rogue poll, but it is interesting nevertheless.

As I said in the posting, if the punters keep thinking about the economy then Obama should win. However, he should be much further ahead at the moment given the state of things.

If attention shifts then I still think that McCain could snatch it.

Give it another week and we shall see.

8 October 2008 at 20:31  

And Real Clear Politics that even Fox grudgingly use has him clearly head. This business of he should be further ahead is ridiculous as there is a significant die hard lump of the electorate that would vote for MICKY Mouse rather than a Democrat, the issue is the turnout of the various bases.

8 October 2008 at 21:16  

Hang on a moment - according to that link of yours the Dems have an average 5% lead in the White House race and an 11% one for Congress.

According to your theory that cannot happen, because people would rather vote for a mouse than a Republican.

It is happening because people are saying that they will split vote, and cast a ballot one way for Congress and another for the president.

So something is holding Obama back - which is pretty much what I said in the posting...

8 October 2008 at 21:56  

The date for my absentee ballot to be sent in, is getting closer. I think the fundamental question to be answered is, 'Which one is going to cause the least harm?"- It boils down to that.

TC (the undecided)

9 October 2008 at 04:11  

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