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22 October 2007
Santa Muerte & Good Time Girls Are The Exile's Most Popular Articles
Work this one out if you can. I submit articles to two sites that pay on the basis of hits. Associated Content forks out $1.50 per thousand views (CPM) and Helium pays out at an unknown, but lesser, CPM rate.

The two articles that are pretty much leading the field on both sites are the two that I never expected to get anywhere. With Helium the leader is an article about la Santa Muerte, the new religion that swept out of Mexico and is now to be found as far south as Argentina and as far north as California. Meanwhile, and over at AC, the article that almost 300 people have now read is the one about Mexico City's good time girls. I sometimes wonder if the title of that article was a bit of a misnomer, since it is really about the young Mexican women who are trying to make a career out of marriage, but if it sells under that title, who cares?

I wouldn't mind but I have articles on all sorts of subjects on both Helium and AC, but those two are leading the pack on both sites - it is just that the positions are almost reversed. Almost because coming in at the number two spot at Helium is an article about the French-Indian War.

So why are people hitting on these two articles? I wish that I knew, but one thing is certain: a lot more on a similar theme will be churned out soon.

Easy money, folks. You know it makes sense.

Can you arrange to send me one of these bits of tottie?

BTW, Oliver Kamm is still thick.

22 October 2007 at 19:16  

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