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17 October 2008
The right is just better at the agitprop wars than the left
This is one of the few bits of Democrat attack humour that has managed to go viral around the web. By that I don't mean that other stuff hasn't been passed around between Democrat supporters; what I mean is that this is one of the few items that has originated with them and then spread to the mainstream.

The only other attack image that I can think of is the Obama in Muslim dress photo that seems to arrive in my in-box almost every day, usually accompanied by an e-mail message that has been forwarded to heaven knows how many thousand people before I get to see it. Now this photo is genuine and seems to have been grabbed from this website back in 2006. The Hillary Clinton campaign then began to circulate it as part of their smear attacks on Obama during the Democratic primaries.

These two bits of Democrat inspired agitprop are about the only examples of the genre that I can think of - and the Obama picture began life as part of an intra-Democrat fight, before hitting everyone's in-box courtesy of Republican activists.

The right is quite happy to grab a photo and send it around the web with a nasty comment or two attached to it. When the rightists send these messages out they end up in the in-boxes of people who are not political activists, and those people then forward the messages onwards to their friends.

The left seems to enjoy talking to itself, whereas the right knows that real people have to be engaged. As far as the American left is concerned, only the Clintons and the bloke who created that very witty Sarah-Biden montage really gets how this all works.

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Sorry but the Palin/Biden 'joke' is just sick. Mocking a defenseless, handicapped child....not a good move.

17 October 2008 at 14:55  

Sure, but it is also very funny, and that is the point.

17 October 2008 at 17:19  

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