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03 October 2007
'Phone advertising with Cellit Mobile Marketing
Text messaging as a form of advertising is the coming thing, and it is time that your company got in on the mobile marketing act. Cellit Mobile Marketing is the leader in this, so whether your company is large or small, Celit will help you contact your potential customers in ways that weren't possible until fairly recently.

I want to take two types of business and show how mobile marketing can help their growth. Let's start with real estate and the House4cell system. House4Cell involves state of the art software that helps the estate agent serve prospective home buyers more efficiently, while at the same time capturing valuable leads. Using this system the customer can be given immediate information about a house on the agent's list, along with e-mails and faxes. Photos can even be sent straight to the person's mobile 'phone.

What you are doing when you adopt this system is differentiating yourself from the competition. Your customers get the information that they need immediately - and in today's closely fought real estate market, that gives you a valuable edge and puts you a big step ahead of the competition.

Let's also consider CouponZap which is aimed at nightclubs, bars and restaurants, but which could be adapted by many other types of business as well. The idea is not new: we all remember the vouchers or coupons that were given out on the street and which gave free drinks in a bar, or a reduced entry to a nightclub. Well, this is the new version: you can text the offer out to thousands of people at the same time. All they have to do is turn up and show their 'phone message to take advantage of your offer.

These are just two examples, but the possibilities are endless. Most businesses need to keep in touch with their customers. Cellit Mobile Marketing offers them a way to do that quickly and efficiently.
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