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19 October 2007
Ollie Kamm: thick as pig shit and doesn't care who knows it
The People spoke and they decided by a free and fair vote that Ollie Kamm was not just a short-arsed little fucker, but that he was thick as pig shit to boot.

Right on cue, the SALF popped up and proved the point with an idiotic attack on Neil Clark. You can understand the SALF's desire to recover some face, especially after doing such a precipitate runner from me over at Harry's Place. The problem is that all the SALF has managed to do is to show how correct the people were when they decided that he is as thick as pig shit.

OK, the tale it too tedious to relate in full, but the gist is that Ollie wants us to believe that Neil arranged with a friend of his for the friend to defend him against some criticism or other. Ollie claimed that this Stephen Pollard blog posting had comments by this "accomplice" of Neil Clark in which "Mr Clark's accomplice cheerfully owns up to the imposture".

The problem is that the comments show nothing of the kind - and the only way you could read them in that light is if you were thick as pig shit yourself. There are two of them by a Martin Meenagh, who blogs at this link, and in the second he states quite clearly that he wasn't "urged by Neil to object" to anything. He just thought that what was happening was "unfair," so he gave some support. The SALF then commented that he "naturally" accepted this explanation!

So what we have here is a SALF who is either too stupid to remember what he wrote, or who thinks that we aren't going to read the damned text that he so kindly provided for us.

Ollie Kamm: a short-arsed little fucker who is thick as fucking pig shit and doesn't care who knows it!



Kamm is a very insecure person. He refers obsessively to his dispute with Neil Clark as if he scored an earth-shattering victory. Then there are the constant references to his "Uncle Martin" (Martin Bell) and his super-clever mother. What a boring little non-entity. Anything to avoid taking intellectual responsibility for the incredible mess in Iraq, I suppose.

When you look closely at the miserable crew of British neo-cons(Kamm, Pollard, Aaronovitch, Geras etc.), you begin to realise that these are physical cowards who would not lay down their lives for anything despite their rhetorical bravado about "wars to defend western civilisation". You also realise that they are only speaking to each other because no one else has any time for them and that when someone like Kamm reports that he is in regular correspondence with some useless military so-and-so at West Point, it's his way of proving he is a tough guy when in fact all it reveals is a tremendous complex about his inadequacy.

20 October 2007 at 02:36  

Hello Stephen,

Here is the funny thing, Kamm is about 10 years younger than me, but we were contemporaries as students - he was at New College, when I was at Ruskin College, both Oxford. We never met during that time and I have never spoken to the man.

Yet, when I was commenting on another blog, he had the brass neck to pop up and call me a pimp, using as evidence an article that I had written that didn't even have anything to do with prostitution.

Right, said Ken, let's have some grief. Over the past week I have been taunting the short-arsed little fucker and various sock-puppets have arrived here to try and insult me.

To be honest, I did not understand the SALF's motivation, but reading your comment things started to fall into place.


20 October 2007 at 04:14  

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