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11 October 2007
Neil Clark gets to gloat
The Guardian journalist Neil Clark is in what can only be described as a chortling mood over Lenin's recent decision to name the man behind the DavidT monicker over at Little Green Soccer Balls. Your friendly Exile has very mixed feeling about all this. On the one hand if DavidT wants to be known as DavidT for blogging purposes then that should be fine. The problem is that he has some pretty nasty past form as an outer himself, so defending his right to privacy when he enjoys denying it to everyone else is a task that I for one won't undertake.

It would be nice if we could all agree that what matters is what we write on our blogs, but that is a forlorn hope. Far too many of these chancers nailed their colours to the warmonger wagon and the only way that they can now save face is by attacking - in the case of Neil Clark in quite odious ways - those of us who said from the start that this was all going to end in tears.

In the case of DavidT, looking at his profile as kindly provided by Lenin's Tomb, we can discern another reason for his attitude towards Neil. Looking back, I could never understand his "A-Level tutor" jibe, but now I think that I can. For you see, dear reader, DavidT is probably an Oxford Reject.

He took his first degree at the University of Southampton, and that is where all the sad little souls who have been rejected by Oxford end up - those that don't go to Durham that is. Does it still rankle that he will never be able to put the magic letters M.A. (Oxon) after his name? Maybe he has to attack someone that he feels works at an A-Level college because in some way it allows him to forget his own failure? We shall never know.

Still, it's a good laugh, isn't it?

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