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05 October 2007
March on Parliament next Monday: stuff the ban!
The Stop The war Coalition has organised a public meeting Trafalgar Square, to be followed by a march to Parliament Square next Monday, the 8th October. The meeting starts at 1.00pm, and has been called to demand a full and immediate withdrawal of British forces from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Needless to say the government has banned the march. The police have told the organisers that they cannot march because if they did it might stop MPs from getting to Parliament. People, could anyone make this shit up? That's right, the government has dusted off a bit of 1839 legislation and is now waving it around in the hope that people will obey it and cancel the event.

Alas for those who believe that loyalty to the USA comes before everything else, that is not going to happen and the march will proceed as planned. Tony Benn will head it, with the gallant Walter Wolfgang by his side.

Although the meeting is not directly connected to the coming attack on Iran, that will no doubt be uppermost in many people's minds. Seymour Hersh pointed out in a recent article that Gordon Brown is enthusiastically supporting the idea, so that's all the more reason to get a decent turnout next Monday. You will not be able to avert America's plans, but you might be able to help put enough pressure on enough MPs to ensure that the UK does not get involved.

And you get the added bonus of sticking up two fingers to the NuLabourites and their love of banning political debate.

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