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12 October 2007
Iraqis form new resistance front
It has been announced that no less than six Iraqi resistance groups have come together politically to form The Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance.

It is still unclear if they will form a joint military command, but now that some political leadership is emerging, we can hope that this council proclaims itself as the provisional government of Iraq. If that happens it will be interesting to see how many countries recognise the guerrillas' regime. If the figure got close to a hundred, then they could even claim Iraq's United Nations seat. Remember, that membership of the UN is decided by the General Assembly and not the Security Council. In other words the USA could not veto the change.

It really all depends on the new resistance council. If they have the political ability to organise themselves as a resistance government. If they do, then our job as anti-imperialists is to help them to obtain as much diplomatic recognition as we can.

Just wanted to leave a comment since you get so few and apparently it makes you a very bitter old man who needs to troll the web looking for attention.

Anyway best of luck with your sad life, hope the good time girls keep your spirits up so you need to inflict your bitterness on the rest of us less often.

12 October 2007 at 11:10  

That's what you reckon is it, webmong?

12 October 2007 at 19:52  

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