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24 October 2007
Iraqi collaborators: we are keeping them out!
Exactly three months ago this blog accidentally started the campaign to keep over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators out of the UK. At the time The Exile didn't realise that a campaign was being waged to bring these creatures over to Britain, a campaign orchestrated by someone who wanted to work his ticket into journalism.

Within days of that original posting it became clear what the score was, as more and more warmongers jumped on the bandwagon and began demanding that these traitors be given a home in Britain. Not a single one of them ever mentioned the British soldiers who continued to die in the lost war that they are so enthusiastically cheered on. All that mattered to them was saving a few collaborators, thus to have one victory to cheer about.

However, their campaign quickly ran off the rails, and almost exactly two months ago this blog could run a posting entitled Has the campaign to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators failed? Today we can answer our question in the affirmative because those creatures who decided to throw in their lot with imperialism are being left to rot.

We cannot yet rest on our laurels as the position may change, but it must be admitted that this seems less and less likely. Nevertheless, the talking points that I posted over two months ago are still valid and will still make a good letter to a local newspaper.

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