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31 October 2007
Introducing Backgammonmasters.com
Do you enjoy backgammon? Have you ever played backgammon online? Backgammon Masters is now offering you the chance to play this classic game, so get over to their backgammon download page and grab the software that you need to play this fascinating game.

Aside from backgammon, you are also offered the game of blackjack, which can now be played for real money. In every virtual blackjack table there will be up to five real players, all playing against the dealer.

If you are unsure about dipping your toe into this particular water, Backgammon Masters offers you any number of free to download blackjack articles so you can get up to speed on the latest game techniques and practises. These articles are truly fascinating and give you all the information that you need, from basic blackjack to blackjack strategy, with how the rules differ from casino to casino. It looks to this writer as if an evening spent poring over this articles would be an evening well spent.

So, will it be backgammon, blackjack, or a night with one and then another night with the other for you? Whatever your preference, the software is waiting to be downloaded and your games are just waiting to begin.
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