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16 October 2007
Hugo Chavez Frias - His Greatest Hits
Have you ever wondered why Hugo Chavez Frias so dominates Venezuelan politics, to say nothing of a large part of the rest of the world? Here are some of the reasons. . .

Josefina Lazama is one of the reasons, and you can listen to her words as part of the "Venezuela under Chavez" report from the BBC. The same report also shows how the tiendas populares work - cheap, subsidised, basic food for the bulk of the population.

The middle class hate and fear him - as we found out when some bimbo came along to this blog giving it gob - but Chavez Frias doesn't even pretend to represent those creatures. He speaks for the bulk of the population and they support his revolution.

Washington is willing to live and let live, and the countries of South America are lining up to do deals with Venezuela - either because they agree with the policies, or because Chavez Frias is just too popular to ignore.

People who think that socialism is dead really are living in a fantasy world. Latin America is showing the way, and it's the old, tried and tested way: collectivise the economy and tax the middle class into the ground.

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