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13 October 2007
Have a punt at bet365.com
Once upon a time if you wanted to chance your luck in a casino you had to actually go to one. Now the day of the online casino has arrived, so you don't even have to get dressed, never mind leave the house. I can confirm the veracity of that statement after having played roulette all afternoon. Alas I did not break the bank, but I didn't lose anything either. This casino let's you play for fun or real money, so I chose the fun option.

For those of you who take your sport rather more seriously, bet365.com offers a combination of casino and bookmaker, all with one account, and everything in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When I went to look around there were over a 1,000 online poker tables in operation, catering for almost 14,000 players! That should not come as a surprise since bet365.com offers a bonus of up to $600 to new players.

You can bet on the horses or the outcome of a major football match - you can even bet on American and Australian football, if that idea takes your fancy.

Remember that one account covers all your activities, so if gambling is your pass time, then bet365.com is the virtual casino to visit.
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