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11 October 2007
Drug Free Rehab at Drugrehab.net
The Narconon Drug Free Rehab programme has a claimed 76% success rate. The aim of this drug addiction treatment center is not just to get a person off drugs, but to get them back to the state that they were in before they even started taking drugs in the first place. The aim is not just to wean people from the drugs, but to teach them to lead a happy life so that there is no desire to take them ever again.

With that in mind, clients of this drug rehab programme are never referred to as patients, but always as students. They enter the 30 acre secluded campus, where they are treated respectfully throughout their three to six month course of treatment.

It is that length of stay that marks this clinic out from the rest. Most drug rehab programmes last for 28 days because that is what the insurance companies want, however this programme allows students to progress at their own pace because it is not so time-restricted.

The costs are competitive, bearing in mind the length of the course, and if you or a family members suffers from a drug addiction, then you might want to visit Drugrehab.net to see what they can offer you.
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