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15 October 2007
Discussing experiences of drug abuse at drugrehab.mobi
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of drug rehab comes before the treatment begins. That is when the person finally accepts the reality of his or her addiction. A blog exists to relate the stories of recovered addicts, and pretty heart-rending they are.

One of the themes that comes up is how people who are in rehab find it amazing that there are actually lots of other people who are all in the same situation. They had thought that they were the only persons on earth who were experiencing exactly the same issues that they are going through. If for no other reason, this blog would serve a worthwhile purpose because it teaches people that they are not alone, and that very many more people have exactly the same experiences as them.

However, the blog covers a lot more ground than that, and all in the words of recovered or recovering addicts, as well as their families. One man posted that he was the brother of a recovered addict and he had asked his sibling what the drug rehab therapy was like. The brother had replied by saying that it was a kind of liberation from being a prisoner in one's own body.

This theme of liberation runs through the blog. Another poster writes that drug rehab left him a "changed person," and another states that it "changed my life".

All in all, these accounts are depressing on the one hand, but uplifting on the other. Genuine testimony of people who have been through the mill and emerged, sane and healthy, at the end.
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