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01 October 2008
Did McCain encourage Georgia's recent war of aggression?
Did John McCain encourage Georgia's recent aggression against South Ossetia? Readers will recall that back in early August the Georgians sought to take advantage of the opening of the Peking Olympic Games to launch an attack on South Ossetia, wherupon the Russian army marched in and handed all of them, especially Mikheil Saakashvili the country's pretty little president, their dicks on a plate.

As the Russian tanks rolled unopposed across South Ossetia and on into Georgia proper, Saakashvili called up his old friend John McCain to plead for help. According to this Newsweek report McCain told him to "Hang in there. . . We are not going to let this happen. . . We are doing everything we can to stop this aggression."

What the hell did McCain think that he was talking about? The aggressor was Georgia, and not Russia. The man who ordered the aggression was the Georgia's Saakashvili, not Russia's Medvedev.

At the time McCain was still only just a Senator, but now he is a heartbeat away from the White House. If he is going to make up policy from the hip as he tried to do back in August then the world is going to become a far more dangerous place than it is already.

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