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22 October 2007
Britain helping the Americans to provoke Iran
Normally operations carried out by Britain's Special Air Services regiment are kept top secret, so why is The Times carrying a report about SAS operations inside Iran? Obviously it was leaked by the NuLabour regime in London to the Murdock owned scab sheet, but why?

It could be a part of the propaganda war that is being waged by Washington against Tehran. The Americans claim that Iran supplies weaponry and training to the Iraqi guerrillas, so British operations like this, and leaks to the press about them, can be seen as part of the British elite's attempt to remain firmly inside their American master's bum hole.

For Britain, this is a dangerous move. The army is stretched to the limit and has even been forced to cut back on the number of exercises that it carries out. Furthermore, the British occupation force at Basra Airport now number only 5,000, so if Tehran does take the bait their chances of survival would seem to be pretty remote.

Does NuLabour care? Of course not! The aim is to remain loyal to the United States at all costs - even if that means sacrificing the troops who still remain in Iraq.

For their part the Iranians have kept a low profile and are not responding directly to the provocations. They have made it clear that they can reply effectively if attacked - their latest claim is that they can fire over 10,000 rockets within a minute - but they seem determined that the attack will be launched by the USA and not them.

British anti-war activists need to redouble their efforts to get the remaining British troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible, so that London cannot offer them up as a sacrifice to America's war aims.

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