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02 October 2007
Bringing bloggers and advertisers together the Smorty way
This is to tell you about Smorty, a blog advertising company. There are a lot of these outfits about at the moment, so what's going on?

The quick answer is that advertising departments have realised that they can get pretty much the same result from a few hundred bloggers as they can from a large, centrally run advertising campaign. Thus was born the get paid to blog idea, and the world of blog advertising. I don't know who the first man was to advertise on blogs, but it was a stroke of pure genius on his part. Today a company like Smorty gives me the keywords that they want to see in my text, they give me the link, and I go off and create a post. Life is very simple...

Well, it would be if everyone did their jobs properly. The get paid for blogging idea doesn't just involve bloggers being diligent about their grammar, and writing their blog for money postings quickly, it also involves the companies doing their part as well.

Smorty have gone a long way towards doing what a company should. Their interface is intuitive and very easy to use. The rules are easy to understand - advertisers have five days to object to a posting, otherwise it stands and the blogger gets his brass the following week.

It would be nice if the bloggers could be given a word count for each blog for money posting; I for one find that easier, rather than having to guess at what is required. However, that caveat aside, if Smorty are willing to keep to their side of the bargain, then so am I.

Please wish us both luck.
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