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05 October 2007
Boat insurance from covermyboat.co.uk
Do you like messing about in boats? If you own one, then have you thought about getting it insured? Covermyboat.co.uk specialises in boat insurance, and that means everything from a skull or dingy, right to up to cruiser and yacht insurance.

Provided that your vessel is less than twenty years old and worth less than £500,000, you can get the quote in minutes using their on-line facility. For a boat that is older or worth more, Covermyboat.co.uk will reply with the quote, usually within 24 hours.

The thing that I like about this site is the free information that it provides. It's a good place to go for information on sailing clubs and training courses, and to get advice on buying your boat or dinghy. There is even an automatic boat name generator: that little tool is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

So, for boat insurance and just a little more take a trip over to covermyboat.co.uk.
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