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01 October 2007
Blog harassment
Neil Clark is coming under pressure from the wankblogs - or at least their supporters - and could probably do with a word or two of support. I don't know who is behind it all, and rather suspect that there is no overall guiding hand. What we are seeing is a diffuse campaign of harassment, where individual webmongs use the tactics of smear and innuendo to try and get a rise out of their victim. My feeling is that Neil should be proud that he has got the little cockroaches so wound up that they need to resort to this behaviour.

Why is he their chosen victim? Partly I think because he is emerging from the Iraq disaster with his head held high - so am I come to that. We said that it would all end in tears and we were right, weren't we? For the warmongers, hearing the sound of our raucous laughter must be unbearable, so they try to save face in whatever way they can.

Neil, of course, did so much to publicise the seemingly failed attempt to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators into Britain. The Exile began the campaign, but the key to our success was Neil's article in The Guardian. It was that which got the letters' pages of the local press humming. Yes, I can imagine how failures like that must really get on their nerves. They can't even pat each other on the back and console themselves with the thought that they saved a few arse-licking scabs!

So, Neil, if you get to read this, please take heart. The fuckers are behaving this way because it is all they have left.

Just commenting so that you don't have to undergo the humiliation of yet another ignored post, you pitiful prick.

6 October 2007 at 11:35  

NB your campaign wasn't a campaign, it was a couple of posts on an obscure and frankly shit blog that nobody reads or takes any notice of. The Home Office didn't take these pissy blog posts into account, because you're an ugly nobody they've never heard of who writes humiliating adverts for pocket change.

6 October 2007 at 14:19  

Well, you read it, don't you, webmong? And you get so wound up that you have to keep on commenting...

19 October 2007 at 07:03  

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