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22 October 2007
Blackwater is leaving Iraq
Blackwater, the American mercenary company, is leaving Iraq. Reports indicate that they are pulling out at the rate of over a 100 men a day. Both Sunni and Shia groups have united in vowing to make life hell for the mercenaries who have carried out so many atrocities in their country.

Of course the only reason why these dogs of capitalism are in Iraq in the first place is that the American army cannot control the country. Get rid of that occupation and the mercenaries will leave. Iraqi anger at these goons is understandable, but they should not allow themselves to be sidetracked into ignoring the American occupation forces.

Strategy needs to be considered. The enemy of Iraq is the USA. Iraqi heroism has almost forced the British out and will do the same to the Americans, but if Iraqi forces go off on a wild mercenary hunt all they will do is allow the Americans to rest and take stock.

The American army has been weakened by the Iraqi Resistance. If pushed they can be defeated just as their British puppets were defeated.

So push them, Iraq. Push them until they can stand it no longer.

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