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02 October 2008
Another milestone on the road to Nu-Labour's death
Every now and again your friendly old Exile reads something that explains in a nutshell why our political system is in such crisis. This Guardian article is about working class nutrition, and a chef named Jamie Oliver, but it also indirectly explains why Nu-Labour is on the road to extinction:
Roger Stone, Labour leader of Rotherham metropolitan borough council, is reluctant to put food and poverty in its class context, too. "Jamie's programmes are not about us, it's not about the middle class, he's targeting people who are struggling," he told me. You mean the working class then? "No, goodness, in this day and age, it's not class."
Now remember that these are the words of a Labour council leader; a party that was set up to represent the urban working class. He not only admits that he is a lump of middle class shit, but he tries to pretend that class does not exist, "in this day and age". If it didn't exist, how could he belong to that breed that haven't got the balls to be workers, nor the brass to be gaffers?

Working class people are not as stupid as the Roger Stones of this world want to think. They have it sussed that Nu-Labour no longer represents them, which is why at the next election they will sit on their hands and watch as the party vanishes down the toilet.



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