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12 October 2008
Americans panic about "pro-Islamic" doll
This is too daft to miss: have you heard the one about the doll that says "Satan is king" and "Islam is the light"? Actually the Fisher-Price toy doesn't say anything of the sort, but thousands of really, really stupid people have convinced themselves that it does. You can hear the original soundtrack by clicking this link, and hear for yourself that it sounds just like a baby gurgling, and once it gets replayed through the doll's cheap speaker it sounds like nothing at all. Unless you are an inbred primitive who wants to believe, that is.

Fox News is playing this up for all it is worth, and what we have here is a genuine case of mass bovine hysteria. Notwithstanding the fact that Fox has cleverly found a black woman who believes that the doll is a wicked plot to subvert America, this is about playing on white fears of Barack the Boogeyman and all that he is perceived to stand for.

The Republican Party has to switch attention away from the economy by whatever means come to hand, otherwise the election is lost. The party seems to have done a good job with these Republican base voters, for that is what we are looking at here, because they seem to be totally out of what passes for their minds.



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