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05 October 2007
America should attack Syria & Iran, says one nutter
One of the things that I love about American Neo-Conservatives is their blind faith that other countries will automatically behave as the USA expects. Take David Wurmser as an example. This bugger has just resigned as Vice-President Cheney's adviser on the Middle East and is telling anyone who will listen that the USA should attack Syria. The reason seems to be that Iran will be unable to help her ally and thus the regime in that country will be weakened and can be attacked in turn. So the Americans get to stuff both Syria and Iran. Or something.

Yes. . . The wars against both Afghanistan and Iraq are still going on and neither the Afghans nor the Iraqis have shown any signs that they will surrender. People like Wurmser convinced themselves that Iraq would roll over when the Americans marched in. Almost five years later they are still sending Americans home in body bags.

Now, it may be that the Wurmser idea is not going to be the one that Washington adopts, but that is not the point. The role of creatures like this is to help prepare the ground for the next aggression by repeating the mantra that it will all be so easy.

People, get out and march on the 8th October in London. We may not be able to stop lunatics like David Wurmser, but at least we can keep Britain out of the next aggression.

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