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26 October 2007
Afghan War Lost, Says Ashdown
Lord Ashdown, has admitted that the war against Afghanistan is a lost cause. If even the hawk formerly known as Paddy Pantsdown is willing to admit that the game is up, what exactly is the British government doing sending yet more men into the Afghan mincing machine?

That it has come to this should not surprise anyone. People who supported the Soviet involvement in that primitive backwater were living in a fantasy world if they thought that a collection of tribes could be proletarianised courtesy of the great Red Army. Likewise those pro-American imperialists who thought that inside every Afghan tribesman was a post-modern meterosexual just waiting to break free and let it all hang out were equally mistaken. People, you can take the inbred primitive out of the hills but you can never take the hills out of the inbred primitive.

All that aside, this is a defeat for imperialism, and not for us. The return of the Taliban is a humiliation for our own home grown ruling class who decided to support this adventure in the first place.

We can help stick the boot in by questioning the judgement of people who supported this doomed adventure. Thus we loosen the hegemonic bonds which tie us as working class people to them, our rulers.

If we can get to the stage, at least, where people no longer believe a word that the political class utters, then we will be better placed to offer our own collectivist solution to our country's problems.

As always, the enemy is at home. Let's start taking advantage of his problems in the hope of solving some of our own.

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