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31 October 2007
This month's cull looks set to be low: here's why
I just want to get this in before a wankblogger does. At the time of writing the cull of American occupiers in Iraq for the month of October stands at 36. I can just smell the eagerness with which the tossers will start to claim that this proves that the tide has turned, and that soon - very soon - the guerrillas will march out to surrender. Then will come the victory parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, as Iraq's defeated and humiliated leadership is marched past the podium where the chimp will stand, a smirk of pure triumph on his face. After being forced to kneel to kiss the presidential banner, they will be taken off to Guantanamo to provide a spot of free entertainment for the knuckle dragging sadists who run that torture centre. You can almost smell the semen as the world of wankbloggery starts pulling on their collective todgers and shooting all over their monitors.

There are two slight problems with this scenario:

The first is that 2007 look set to be the bloodiest year for the Americans since their war against Iraq began in 2003. Just ten more Americans dead and it will be the bloodiest year up to now - and Iraq has two long months to reach that tally.

The second problem is that the USA has basically given up trying to fight the Iraqis on the ground and has started bombing the shit out of them from the air. Obviously given those circumstances the number of targets that are presented for the Iraqi forces to aim at is lower than it was when the Americans were still trying to subjugate the country on the ground.

In the long run, of course, all the terror raids will do is create more guerrillas, but in the short term it could provide an opportunity for the 101st Fighting Keyboarders to claim something or other.

Sorry, boys, no such claims will be entertained.
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29 October 2007
My new article directory is coming soon
I am creating an article directory. What's that, I hear you ask? Well, it's a directory for articles...

Seriously, a free article is a good way for a writer to get himself known, and the article directories are where they are stored. Bloggers can take an article and repost it free of charge. The blogger gets some easy content and the writer gets the links that are contained in the "About The Author" section at the bottom of every article. The situation seems like win - win to me.

The only problem is that many bloggers have complained to me that finding a suitable article is a long, time-consuming chore. That is why I decided not to submit my any more of my stuff to the free directories.

I have space over at Ask-Ken.Info, so I will create the directory over there. For the time being it will only have articles of interest to money-bloggers and those interested in politics from my own anti-globalist perspective.

The directory should be live in a few days time, and I'll let you know when you can start grabbing stuff from it to fill your blogs.
Americans may use Diego Garcia has base for attack on Iran
Word is leaking out that the Americans are upgrading the Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean in preparation for the attack on Iran.

The base is British owned, but leased to the USA. So even if the United Kingdom doesn't take an active part in the coming aggression it will still be seen by many people as a participant in this war.

Is it time to laugh or cry?
27 October 2007
The future of third world resistance
Francis Fukuyama has an interesting analysis of America's failure to coerce the Iraqis into submission. He argues that:
At least part of the problem is that it is dealing with complex social forces that are not organised into centralised hierarchies that can enforce rules, and thus be deterred, coerced, or otherwise manipulated through conventional power.
Translated into simple English, the Iraqis have no central authority that can betray them and each group fights under its own leader.

This is something that I have been arguing since at least 2004:
What all this seems to show is that those who are waiting for a Ho Chi Minh or Fidel Castro Ruz to emerge and lead the people to independence are probably going to be disappointed. There is no national leadership behind the Iraqi insurrection. The guerrillas are locally based and what leadership there is only operates at regional or tribal level.
This is the future and this is how the third world will defeat the first, whenever the latter is foolish enough to invade. The south of the planet cannot take on the north with high technology, so the north is basically invited in - and then the door is slammed shut.

Weak third world states will collapse like a house of cards, and then the families, clans and tribes will take over and that is when the fun begins.

The internet means that methods used by one resistance centre can be studied by others. Ideas can be swapped and tactics improved. You don't have to wait until something has been proven, if the idea looks promising you use it and improve on it yourself. Others copy your example. It is called open source warfare and it works very well indeed.

This is the future. Local resistance, drawing on age-old human links, and turning the west's inventions, such as the internet, against its inventors.
26 October 2007
Afghan War Lost, Says Ashdown
Lord Ashdown, has admitted that the war against Afghanistan is a lost cause. If even the hawk formerly known as Paddy Pantsdown is willing to admit that the game is up, what exactly is the British government doing sending yet more men into the Afghan mincing machine?

That it has come to this should not surprise anyone. People who supported the Soviet involvement in that primitive backwater were living in a fantasy world if they thought that a collection of tribes could be proletarianised courtesy of the great Red Army. Likewise those pro-American imperialists who thought that inside every Afghan tribesman was a post-modern meterosexual just waiting to break free and let it all hang out were equally mistaken. People, you can take the inbred primitive out of the hills but you can never take the hills out of the inbred primitive.

All that aside, this is a defeat for imperialism, and not for us. The return of the Taliban is a humiliation for our own home grown ruling class who decided to support this adventure in the first place.

We can help stick the boot in by questioning the judgement of people who supported this doomed adventure. Thus we loosen the hegemonic bonds which tie us as working class people to them, our rulers.

If we can get to the stage, at least, where people no longer believe a word that the political class utters, then we will be better placed to offer our own collectivist solution to our country's problems.

As always, the enemy is at home. Let's start taking advantage of his problems in the hope of solving some of our own.
25 October 2007
The Exile's second birthday
The Exile is two years old today. During those two years the blog has had over 25,000 hits and this is posting number 666. . .

Here's to the next year.
America's options in Kurdistan

The longer a war continues the more chance there is that it will spread and suck in other countries. What started as a European war in 1939 had spread two years later to involve just about every major country on the planet.

The war that the Americans have waged against Iraq since 2003 has now reached the stage where other countries are starting to get dragged in.

The Turks are a case in point. As we pointed out last night, the Americans are now so desperate to keep Turkey out of the war that they are close to attacking the Kurds themselves. Now the Kurds are America's allies in this war, but that doesn't matter. What matters is keeping Turkey out of the war, so if that means that Washington has to betray those allies, then so be it. Realpolitik dictates that Turkey is a far more important ally, so the Kurds are on the cusp of being dumped.

Quite what the effect will be on America's other allies when they see one of their number getting chopped in such a cynical way is anyone's guess, but that is not the point. The point is that the Americans don't have that many choices left.

If the Turks carry out their threat and attack themselves, that will drive the Kurds into the arms of the anti-occupation resistance, because the USA will not fight Turkey. If the Americans hit the Kurds on Turkey's behalf, then Washington will have to gamble that they can control their puppets in Baghdad and keep them quiet, probably with yet more billions of fast devaluing dollars. However the Kurds will still join the resistance.

America is fucked either way. That's what happens when you start a war. You can never predict the outcome.
24 October 2007
America to bomb the Kurds
Bush has told the Turks that they don't need to attack Iraqi Kurdistan: he'll do it for them!

If this report is correct then it is quite wonderful news. Iraqi Kurdistan has up to now been loyal and faithful to the Chimp's war aims. An American bombing campaign will change that in an instant.
Iraqi collaborators: we are keeping them out!
Exactly three months ago this blog accidentally started the campaign to keep over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators out of the UK. At the time The Exile didn't realise that a campaign was being waged to bring these creatures over to Britain, a campaign orchestrated by someone who wanted to work his ticket into journalism.

Within days of that original posting it became clear what the score was, as more and more warmongers jumped on the bandwagon and began demanding that these traitors be given a home in Britain. Not a single one of them ever mentioned the British soldiers who continued to die in the lost war that they are so enthusiastically cheered on. All that mattered to them was saving a few collaborators, thus to have one victory to cheer about.

However, their campaign quickly ran off the rails, and almost exactly two months ago this blog could run a posting entitled Has the campaign to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators failed? Today we can answer our question in the affirmative because those creatures who decided to throw in their lot with imperialism are being left to rot.

We cannot yet rest on our laurels as the position may change, but it must be admitted that this seems less and less likely. Nevertheless, the talking points that I posted over two months ago are still valid and will still make a good letter to a local newspaper.
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23 October 2007
Polish troops to leave Iraq
Following their surprise win in Sunday's election, the right-wing Civic Platform has pledged to dump Iraq in America's lap by withdrawing their remaining troops from the country next year.

Although the few hundred remaining Polish troops cannot effect the military outcome one way or the other, their retreat will hearten the guerrillas as one more of Iraq's enemies is forced to leave the field.

It sends a signal to all Iraqis that the occupiers can be outlasted and forced to withdraw in disgrace.
22 October 2007
Santa Muerte & Good Time Girls Are The Exile's Most Popular Articles
Work this one out if you can. I submit articles to two sites that pay on the basis of hits. Associated Content forks out $1.50 per thousand views (CPM) and Helium pays out at an unknown, but lesser, CPM rate.

The two articles that are pretty much leading the field on both sites are the two that I never expected to get anywhere. With Helium the leader is an article about la Santa Muerte, the new religion that swept out of Mexico and is now to be found as far south as Argentina and as far north as California. Meanwhile, and over at AC, the article that almost 300 people have now read is the one about Mexico City's good time girls. I sometimes wonder if the title of that article was a bit of a misnomer, since it is really about the young Mexican women who are trying to make a career out of marriage, but if it sells under that title, who cares?

I wouldn't mind but I have articles on all sorts of subjects on both Helium and AC, but those two are leading the pack on both sites - it is just that the positions are almost reversed. Almost because coming in at the number two spot at Helium is an article about the French-Indian War.

So why are people hitting on these two articles? I wish that I knew, but one thing is certain: a lot more on a similar theme will be churned out soon.

Easy money, folks. You know it makes sense.
Blackwater is leaving Iraq
Blackwater, the American mercenary company, is leaving Iraq. Reports indicate that they are pulling out at the rate of over a 100 men a day. Both Sunni and Shia groups have united in vowing to make life hell for the mercenaries who have carried out so many atrocities in their country.

Of course the only reason why these dogs of capitalism are in Iraq in the first place is that the American army cannot control the country. Get rid of that occupation and the mercenaries will leave. Iraqi anger at these goons is understandable, but they should not allow themselves to be sidetracked into ignoring the American occupation forces.

Strategy needs to be considered. The enemy of Iraq is the USA. Iraqi heroism has almost forced the British out and will do the same to the Americans, but if Iraqi forces go off on a wild mercenary hunt all they will do is allow the Americans to rest and take stock.

The American army has been weakened by the Iraqi Resistance. If pushed they can be defeated just as their British puppets were defeated.

So push them, Iraq. Push them until they can stand it no longer.
Britain helping the Americans to provoke Iran
Normally operations carried out by Britain's Special Air Services regiment are kept top secret, so why is The Times carrying a report about SAS operations inside Iran? Obviously it was leaked by the NuLabour regime in London to the Murdock owned scab sheet, but why?

It could be a part of the propaganda war that is being waged by Washington against Tehran. The Americans claim that Iran supplies weaponry and training to the Iraqi guerrillas, so British operations like this, and leaks to the press about them, can be seen as part of the British elite's attempt to remain firmly inside their American master's bum hole.

For Britain, this is a dangerous move. The army is stretched to the limit and has even been forced to cut back on the number of exercises that it carries out. Furthermore, the British occupation force at Basra Airport now number only 5,000, so if Tehran does take the bait their chances of survival would seem to be pretty remote.

Does NuLabour care? Of course not! The aim is to remain loyal to the United States at all costs - even if that means sacrificing the troops who still remain in Iraq.

For their part the Iranians have kept a low profile and are not responding directly to the provocations. They have made it clear that they can reply effectively if attacked - their latest claim is that they can fire over 10,000 rockets within a minute - but they seem determined that the attack will be launched by the USA and not them.

British anti-war activists need to redouble their efforts to get the remaining British troops out of Iraq as quickly as possible, so that London cannot offer them up as a sacrifice to America's war aims.
21 October 2007
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20 October 2007
Bolivia may be on the verge of civil war
The airport at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, has been occupied by over 7,000 demonstrators who forced the retreat os the 220 troops that President Evo Morales sent in to occupy the complex. In theory this is a dispute over landing rights, but what we are actually seeing is the start of a secession movement in the gas rich province, which is home to about 25% of the Bolivian population.

In a country where most of the population are landless American-Indians, the Morales government came into office promising land reform and large scale nationalisations. The eastern province of Santa Cruz is home to the wealthy landowners who have dominated the country since independence in the Nineteenth Century. It is also where almost all the natural gas fields are to be found. The previous government sold off the production rights to this gas at knock down prices and that was one of then factors that led to the election of Evo Morales in 2006. He is now being pushed by his supporters not to back down over land reform and nationalisation.

On the other side sit the largely ethnic European population of Santa Cruz. They have never accepted Morales' presidency, nor his economic programme. It looks as if Santa Cruz has decided that the airport is as good a place as any to make their stand for virtual independence from the central government.

If Morales backs down he runs the risk of being overthrown by his own outraged supporters. If he doesn't, then the government will have to use far more than 220 troops to retake the airport. The potential consequences of that are not hard to imagine.
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19 October 2007
Ollie Kamm: thick as pig shit and doesn't care who knows it
The People spoke and they decided by a free and fair vote that Ollie Kamm was not just a short-arsed little fucker, but that he was thick as pig shit to boot.

Right on cue, the SALF popped up and proved the point with an idiotic attack on Neil Clark. You can understand the SALF's desire to recover some face, especially after doing such a precipitate runner from me over at Harry's Place. The problem is that all the SALF has managed to do is to show how correct the people were when they decided that he is as thick as pig shit.

OK, the tale it too tedious to relate in full, but the gist is that Ollie wants us to believe that Neil arranged with a friend of his for the friend to defend him against some criticism or other. Ollie claimed that this Stephen Pollard blog posting had comments by this "accomplice" of Neil Clark in which "Mr Clark's accomplice cheerfully owns up to the imposture".

The problem is that the comments show nothing of the kind - and the only way you could read them in that light is if you were thick as pig shit yourself. There are two of them by a Martin Meenagh, who blogs at this link, and in the second he states quite clearly that he wasn't "urged by Neil to object" to anything. He just thought that what was happening was "unfair," so he gave some support. The SALF then commented that he "naturally" accepted this explanation!

So what we have here is a SALF who is either too stupid to remember what he wrote, or who thinks that we aren't going to read the damned text that he so kindly provided for us.

Ollie Kamm: a short-arsed little fucker who is thick as fucking pig shit and doesn't care who knows it!


The day Sarko copped a feel
As news of President Nicolas Sarkozy's divorce comes though, it seemed like a good idea to run again the photo of him copping a feel of some bird's tit.
Meeting Resistance: a film about Iraq's heroes
What would you do if your country was invaded? So runs the opening line of the synopsis to this new documentary about the Iraqi Resistance.

Filmed when westerners could still move around Iraq, Meeting Resistance shows the human side to the resistance by concentrating on ten individuals who together are presented as being typical of the movement that has fought capitalism's dogs of war to a standstill.

What would you do if your country was invaded? Hopefully you would behave as these heroes have behaved. Put aside your differences and get the foreigners out. Leave everything else on the back burner until your country is liberated.
Independent runs a government hand out as news story
The Independent is a strong supporter of the European Union, but does that mean that they have to take government handouts and reprint them as news stories? This is from The Independent, and this is the handout. Note the similarities?

Cheers to The Spectator for breaking this story.
18 October 2007
Portable DVD players from www.digitalframez.com
At first glance this is one advert to keep away from the children. Mine have been pestering me for some time to get them a portable DVD player so that they don't get bored during long car journeys. I've been playing stupid for years, but at these prices I think that I might relent.

Just in case you are not familiar with these devices, the one that digitalframez.com has on offer comes with a 10" screen, a battery that is good for at least four hours of play, and an adapter that allows them to be plugged into a car's cigarette lighter socket. It will also play VCDs and MP3 disks. That should keep them quiet until you reach your destination.

The really nice thing about digitalframez.com is that they not only ship worldwide, but they accept payment in all the major currencies. If you are reading this in the UK, then the cost of a portable 10 inch DVD player from this site is just £116.77. My Mexican friends will pay only $2,580.78M.N. I doubt if you could get something of this quality in either the UK or Mexico for that price.
17 October 2007
Will Russia now defend Iran?
President Vladimir Putin who is on a state visit to Tehran has issued a warning to the USA not to attack Iran.

Putin stopped short of offering a security guarantee to the Iranians, but the fact that he went to Tehran and spoke out so strongly is almost certain to raise morale amongst Iranians, whilst at the same time giving cause for concern to the warmongers.

As Neil Clark points out, what is needed is a defence agreement between all those countries that are opposed to the further advance of globalised capitalism. Had such an agreement been possible in the 1930s, it might have stopped the march of German expansionism in its tracks.

Obviously it wasn't possible 70 years ago, but could it be done today? It needs Russia to offer those guarantees, and to say to the dogs of globalisation: this far and no further!
Herbal Products Discussed At PublicHealthForums.com
Natural herbal products are increasingly popular for everything from colon cleanse to weight loss - with hair loss thrown in for good measure. A site now exists at PublicHealthForums.com where you can discuss these remedies and compare one with another. So if you are interested in natural herbal products, now you have a site where some of your questions can be answered.
16 October 2007
Hugo Chavez Frias - His Greatest Hits
Have you ever wondered why Hugo Chavez Frias so dominates Venezuelan politics, to say nothing of a large part of the rest of the world? Here are some of the reasons. . .

Josefina Lazama is one of the reasons, and you can listen to her words as part of the "Venezuela under Chavez" report from the BBC. The same report also shows how the tiendas populares work - cheap, subsidised, basic food for the bulk of the population.

The middle class hate and fear him - as we found out when some bimbo came along to this blog giving it gob - but Chavez Frias doesn't even pretend to represent those creatures. He speaks for the bulk of the population and they support his revolution.

Washington is willing to live and let live, and the countries of South America are lining up to do deals with Venezuela - either because they agree with the policies, or because Chavez Frias is just too popular to ignore.

People who think that socialism is dead really are living in a fantasy world. Latin America is showing the way, and it's the old, tried and tested way: collectivise the economy and tax the middle class into the ground.
London faces up to reality and seeks deal with Taliban
The Exile loves a good Whitehall spin, especially when it is covering up a defeat for imperialism. Yesterday's Guardian gave an example of such spin in action when it reported that the British plan "to split the Taliban by securing the defection of senior members of the militant group and large numbers of their followers". The report goes on the state that quite a few Taliban have already given up the fight and are coming over to the Kabul government's side.

Buried a long way down the report is the killer paragraph:
At the same time, however, British officials have concluded that the Taliban is too deep-rooted to be eradicated by military means. Following a wide-ranging policy review accompanying Gordon Brown's arrival in Downing Street, a decision was taken to put a much greater focus on courting "moderate" Taliban leaders as well as "tier two" footsoldiers, who fight more for money and out of a sense of tribal obligation than for the Taliban's ideology.
The report then goes on to state that this policy has put London and Kabul at direct odds with Washington. . .

Translated from spin into English, the Taliban have fought the invaders to a standstill and now something has to be conjured up that will persuade at least some of them to stop fighting. What will happen if it fails is still anyone's guess, but the fact that London is flying this kite against Washington's wishes suggests to this writer that things are liable to go pear-shaped sooner rather than later.

The Taliban look set to retake a lot of the territory that they have lost during the recent fighting, and a new Taliban dominated region that includes a big chunk of Pakistan is clearly in the process of being created.

Given that, a deal with some warlords strikes this writer as the least worst option on offer. Of course all those warmongers who supported the invasion of Afghanistan because it would lead to a flowering of liberalism in the country are going to be rather disappointed as girls cease to be educated and heretics are killed, but the issue for imperialism now is not tossing a few scraps to the suckers back in Southern England in return for their support. The issue now is holding together something that can realistically be called Afghanistan, and avoiding another Iraqi style disaster.
Latest rightwing smear out of America
This smear campaign comes from Front Page Magazine, and purports to contain information about a "Who hates Americans? We do" demonstration.

Antiwar.com pretty much nails this tosh down with the killer paragraph:
There is, of course, no November 31, and no such event. "Latisha Freeman" is Horowitz-speak for any old schvartze; I leave it to you to figure out why they named the fictional superpatriot "K. Ike." None of the groups listed have this “event” mentioned on their websites, and a Google search produces only results from the original hoax article. But this failed effort at satire will almost certainly be taken as fact by Horowitz’s vicious, drooling followers. And the insinuation that Ron Paul, in particular, has any affiliation with Communist or Neo-Nazi groups is laughably false.
I wonder if Harry's Place will pick up the story and run it as straight fact?
15 October 2007
Discussing experiences of drug abuse at drugrehab.mobi
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of drug rehab comes before the treatment begins. That is when the person finally accepts the reality of his or her addiction. A blog exists to relate the stories of recovered addicts, and pretty heart-rending they are.

One of the themes that comes up is how people who are in rehab find it amazing that there are actually lots of other people who are all in the same situation. They had thought that they were the only persons on earth who were experiencing exactly the same issues that they are going through. If for no other reason, this blog would serve a worthwhile purpose because it teaches people that they are not alone, and that very many more people have exactly the same experiences as them.

However, the blog covers a lot more ground than that, and all in the words of recovered or recovering addicts, as well as their families. One man posted that he was the brother of a recovered addict and he had asked his sibling what the drug rehab therapy was like. The brother had replied by saying that it was a kind of liberation from being a prisoner in one's own body.

This theme of liberation runs through the blog. Another poster writes that drug rehab left him a "changed person," and another states that it "changed my life".

All in all, these accounts are depressing on the one hand, but uplifting on the other. Genuine testimony of people who have been through the mill and emerged, sane and healthy, at the end.
Shall we give this girl a guest posting spot?
What do we think about this? Well tasty, that we can all agree on. However, is it genuine? In theory the photo is of this correspondent, who is angling for a guest posting. The Exile is dubious, but thinks that she deserves a post for her cheek.
14 October 2007
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Ashop Commerce is easy to use and you don't have to be a computer wizard to take advantage of what is on offer. Most of the software that you will use is web based, and it is fully customisable for any business.

Finally, your Ashop Commerce shopping cart software is fully integrated into the major banks, gateways and third party processors - including PayPal. Your customers will want to pay with confidence, so this software comes complete with fully built in SSL protection.

So, where you are a novice or an old hand at on-line sales, Ashop Commerce has the ecommerce software that you need and at a price you can afford.
Ollie Kamm: the people speak & The Exile keeps on laughing.
A week ago your friendly Exile had his ankle nibbled by a short-arsed little fucker named Ollie Kamm. Following this, the SALF did a runner, and has not been seen since, thus proving the point that I made last Saturday: more gob than a cow's got cunt, but no bottle at all. Like all his class: no balls for a ruck.

Being a charitable soul, I put the matter to the vote. Is Ollie a thick cunt? Was he trying it on? Is he a precious short-arsed little fucker who was just so angry that he wanted to scream and scream again?

Two votes came in for Ollie as pretty boy, and six for Ollie the thick as pig shit, short-arsed little fucker.

So, the people having spoken, it is announced that Ollie Kamm is just fucking thick.

And a short-arsed little fucker. . .


13 October 2007
Washington wants to live and let live with Caracas

It is obvious that Manuel Rosales is desperate, to put it mildly. Meeting with an American State Department official was bad enough, but trying to pressure him to take action against his own country's leader was stupidity of the highest order. Such calls only play into the Venezuelan government's hands, and it is interesting that the American response was to remind all and sundry that Venezuela's political debates are a matter for Venezuela. Furthermore, the Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations was told last month that Washington wanted to have good relations with Caracas, so why did Rosales make his plea?

It is possible that he had no other option. He lost last December's elections comprehensively, and the bulk of the Venezuelan population seem to be solidly behind President Hugo Chavez Frias and his reforms. Furthermore, Chavez Frias has neutralised the business interests that used to oppose his rule by reminding them that nationalisations will be the order of the day if they don't toe the line.

All the opposition can rely on is the small, local middle class - and they lack both the numbers and the balls to oppose the government. The last hope that they had was the possible arrival of the U.S. Marines. Alas for their hopes, the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan mean that there just aren't the troops available for another adventure. Besides, if the USA does attack Iran then Venezuela's oil is going to be doubly important on the world market.

The Americans may not be very happy with Caracas, but they do seem to be prepared to adopt a live and let live attitude. Tough shit is the message to Manuel Rosales and his tiny band of followers.
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12 October 2007
Iraqis form new resistance front
It has been announced that no less than six Iraqi resistance groups have come together politically to form The Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance.

It is still unclear if they will form a joint military command, but now that some political leadership is emerging, we can hope that this council proclaims itself as the provisional government of Iraq. If that happens it will be interesting to see how many countries recognise the guerrillas' regime. If the figure got close to a hundred, then they could even claim Iraq's United Nations seat. Remember, that membership of the UN is decided by the General Assembly and not the Security Council. In other words the USA could not veto the change.

It really all depends on the new resistance council. If they have the political ability to organise themselves as a resistance government. If they do, then our job as anti-imperialists is to help them to obtain as much diplomatic recognition as we can.
11 October 2007
Neil Clark gets to gloat
The Guardian journalist Neil Clark is in what can only be described as a chortling mood over Lenin's recent decision to name the man behind the DavidT monicker over at Little Green Soccer Balls. Your friendly Exile has very mixed feeling about all this. On the one hand if DavidT wants to be known as DavidT for blogging purposes then that should be fine. The problem is that he has some pretty nasty past form as an outer himself, so defending his right to privacy when he enjoys denying it to everyone else is a task that I for one won't undertake.

It would be nice if we could all agree that what matters is what we write on our blogs, but that is a forlorn hope. Far too many of these chancers nailed their colours to the warmonger wagon and the only way that they can now save face is by attacking - in the case of Neil Clark in quite odious ways - those of us who said from the start that this was all going to end in tears.

In the case of DavidT, looking at his profile as kindly provided by Lenin's Tomb, we can discern another reason for his attitude towards Neil. Looking back, I could never understand his "A-Level tutor" jibe, but now I think that I can. For you see, dear reader, DavidT is probably an Oxford Reject.

He took his first degree at the University of Southampton, and that is where all the sad little souls who have been rejected by Oxford end up - those that don't go to Durham that is. Does it still rankle that he will never be able to put the magic letters M.A. (Oxon) after his name? Maybe he has to attack someone that he feels works at an A-Level college because in some way it allows him to forget his own failure? We shall never know.

Still, it's a good laugh, isn't it?
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10 October 2007
Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, 1928 - 1967 - 2007

You don't need to understand a word of Spanish to appreciate Hasta Siempre as rendered by the achingly beautiful Nathalie Cardone.

It was made famous many years ago by Oscar Chavez, but I prefer this version. It is certain that la Cardone wasn't even born when el Che died, but it is heartening to see that the old cause lives on in the hearts of the younger generation.

Hasta siempre, mi comandante. Hasta la victoria siempre.


Opening of American Embassy in Baghdad delayed indefinitely
The opening of the massive American Embassy in Baghdad has been delayed indefinitely to allow the Kuwaiti contractor to fix the shoddy work. The complex has already cost almost $750 million and nobody seems to know when the monster will open for business.

Dear, dear. If it's is not one thing for this occupation it's another.
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Obviously you are not going to make an important decision about the future well-being of a family member on the basis of this posting. The Cliffside web page should be consulted fully, as it contains far more information than this short review is capable of providing.
09 October 2007
Government forced to back down: thousands march against war
Yesterday's march from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament passed off without a hitch as the government was forced to back down and scrap its ban. This was announced to the crowd of several thousand who had gathered in Trafalgar Square just an hour before the march was due to set off.

Cheers: Lenin's Tomb
NuLabour policies led to the deaths of 11 soldiers
The British army wanted to get out of Basra by April of this year, but the government was unable to get permission of its American masters to the move. During the five months after that decision was made, Britain saw eleven soldiers killed and a further 62 injured. All because the British government pandered to the Americans.

The good news is that it is now looking as if all British soldiers will be out of Iraq by the end of next year. It has been officially announced that the numbers will be cut to just 2,500 by next spring, and the government is leaking the news that the rest will follow later on.

Let's be clear about this. The British wanted to help the Americans to set up a pro-western, pro-business Iraq that would recognise Israel and act as a base for further American aggressions in the region. Can anybody seriously argue that those war aims have been met?

So the message to the warmongers is simple: fucking swivel on that defeat.
06 October 2007
Ollie Kamm throws wobbler: Exile can't stop laughing
I have a question for you: if a person writes an article how does that make him a pimp? A fellow named Ollie Kamm thinks that it does. If you don't believe me, read his comment here.

OK, so I wrote an article about Mexico City's good-time girls - an article that didn't even have anything to do with prostitution - and Ollie thinks that this makes me a pimp. You can read the piece here or here. Trust me - only Ollie Kamm, a short-arsed fucker if ever there was one, could believe that writing an article makes me into something other than a writer.

So, what might have happened? There are three possible explanations:

1. Ollie the short-arsed fucker has past form when it comes to failing to understand things. There was the time when the SAF actually took a blogger to task, for saying that a comment by Christopher Hitchens about Muslims being deracinated, would have been better "expressed in the original German". The SAF argued that deracinated had French roots, thus completely missing the point of the sarcasm. So aside from being a short-arsed little fucker, he is as thick as pig shit. Could that be the reason?

2. The SAF also has form at trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. Take this posting which argued that the Korean War was a result of Soviet expansionism. The only problem is that the source that the SAF quotes doesn't argue that. The SAF probably thought that we would not check. Big fucking mistake.

3. The third possibility is that Ollie was so very annoyed when he wrote those words that he just wanted to scream and scream - just like the little pretty boy that he is.

So what do we think it is, people? Is he a bit thick? Was he trying it on? Or was he just so mad that he wanted to scream and throw Teddie around the room?

The Exile reports: you decide.

Update, Saturday:

No word from Ollie as yet. Like so many of his class, he comes over as having more gob than a cow's got cunt - until someone comes along who is always up for a ruck. Then he runs like the nesh bugger that he really is.


05 October 2007
America should attack Syria & Iran, says one nutter
One of the things that I love about American Neo-Conservatives is their blind faith that other countries will automatically behave as the USA expects. Take David Wurmser as an example. This bugger has just resigned as Vice-President Cheney's adviser on the Middle East and is telling anyone who will listen that the USA should attack Syria. The reason seems to be that Iran will be unable to help her ally and thus the regime in that country will be weakened and can be attacked in turn. So the Americans get to stuff both Syria and Iran. Or something.

Yes. . . The wars against both Afghanistan and Iraq are still going on and neither the Afghans nor the Iraqis have shown any signs that they will surrender. People like Wurmser convinced themselves that Iraq would roll over when the Americans marched in. Almost five years later they are still sending Americans home in body bags.

Now, it may be that the Wurmser idea is not going to be the one that Washington adopts, but that is not the point. The role of creatures like this is to help prepare the ground for the next aggression by repeating the mantra that it will all be so easy.

People, get out and march on the 8th October in London. We may not be able to stop lunatics like David Wurmser, but at least we can keep Britain out of the next aggression.
March on Parliament next Monday: stuff the ban!
The Stop The war Coalition has organised a public meeting Trafalgar Square, to be followed by a march to Parliament Square next Monday, the 8th October. The meeting starts at 1.00pm, and has been called to demand a full and immediate withdrawal of British forces from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Needless to say the government has banned the march. The police have told the organisers that they cannot march because if they did it might stop MPs from getting to Parliament. People, could anyone make this shit up? That's right, the government has dusted off a bit of 1839 legislation and is now waving it around in the hope that people will obey it and cancel the event.

Alas for those who believe that loyalty to the USA comes before everything else, that is not going to happen and the march will proceed as planned. Tony Benn will head it, with the gallant Walter Wolfgang by his side.

Although the meeting is not directly connected to the coming attack on Iran, that will no doubt be uppermost in many people's minds. Seymour Hersh pointed out in a recent article that Gordon Brown is enthusiastically supporting the idea, so that's all the more reason to get a decent turnout next Monday. You will not be able to avert America's plans, but you might be able to help put enough pressure on enough MPs to ensure that the UK does not get involved.

And you get the added bonus of sticking up two fingers to the NuLabourites and their love of banning political debate.
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04 October 2007
Yet more rain falls on the warmongers' parade
Just when the warmongers thought that the sky was brightening, yet another cloud swept over and dumped its rain all over them. First this business of paying and arming the Sunni guerrillas and setting them loose against al-Qaida. Well now the Shia want it stopped. So the Americans have a choice to make: which side do they alienate, and what will the consequences be?

The second downpour involves Blackwater, the mercenary company that specialises in massacres. The puppet Prime Minister has ordered Blackwater to leave Iraq, but the problem is that who will step into their shoes? The official occupation forces are so stretched that they cannot even provide security for the FBI team that is supposed to investigate the Blackwater massacre. Guess who will provide it? Blackwater themselves. . .

And so it goes on.
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03 October 2007
Hungarian government to tax prostitutes' earnings
The Hungarian government has proposed making prostitutes pay income tax. . .

OK, you guessed it - the only reason why I uploaded this clip is that it gives everyone a chance to get an eyeful of some tasty Hungarian talent.
Photo of Iranian stoning was a cinema still
Some people seem to thrive under pressure - Neil Clark is certainly one who does. Readers may remember his recent complaint about blog harassment? Well he has now roared back with an amazing bit of research that should leave our warwanking friends even more limp dicked than usual.

Cast your mind back to the terrible photograph of a young girl about to be stoned to death in Iran. It appeared on every wankblog as part of the campaign to demonise Iran in readiness for capitalism's bombing campaign. Alas, the young girl didn't suffer anything - she was an actress and that photograph was a still from a film that she starred in.

Not that it matters, because it isn't going to stop the USA from its planned aggression. However, it is all grist to the British anti-war mill.

Cheers Neil!
British troops in Iraq to be reduced to just 4,500
The British presence in Iraq will be reduced to just 4,500 troops by the end of the year, the government has announced. The move involves a bit of political trickery, since the withdrawal of 500 had already been announced.

The move probably has more to do with keeping the Tories off balance, and preparing for a possible General Election, but the news is still welcome.

Back in the summer the government was warned that to reduce British numbers much below 5,000 would render the occupation forces unable to defend themselves. Obviously that will have been taken into account, but what is clear is that the British will not be able to mount any offensive operations against the Iraqis.

Slowly but surely the occupation is winding down as far as Britain is concerned.
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02 October 2007
Bringing bloggers and advertisers together the Smorty way
This is to tell you about Smorty, a blog advertising company. There are a lot of these outfits about at the moment, so what's going on?

The quick answer is that advertising departments have realised that they can get pretty much the same result from a few hundred bloggers as they can from a large, centrally run advertising campaign. Thus was born the get paid to blog idea, and the world of blog advertising. I don't know who the first man was to advertise on blogs, but it was a stroke of pure genius on his part. Today a company like Smorty gives me the keywords that they want to see in my text, they give me the link, and I go off and create a post. Life is very simple...

Well, it would be if everyone did their jobs properly. The get paid for blogging idea doesn't just involve bloggers being diligent about their grammar, and writing their blog for money postings quickly, it also involves the companies doing their part as well.

Smorty have gone a long way towards doing what a company should. Their interface is intuitive and very easy to use. The rules are easy to understand - advertisers have five days to object to a posting, otherwise it stands and the blogger gets his brass the following week.

It would be nice if the bloggers could be given a word count for each blog for money posting; I for one find that easier, rather than having to guess at what is required. However, that caveat aside, if Smorty are willing to keep to their side of the bargain, then so am I.

Please wish us both luck.
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01 October 2007
Iran's president in Bolivia

The visit by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Bolivia and Venezuela should have had the warmongers in a tizzy. Actually it passed off almost unnoticed - further proof that the war against Iraq is having some nice consequences for the rest of the world.

Just what can the Americans do to prevent the warming of relations between South America and Iran? Nothing at all.
Blog harassment
Neil Clark is coming under pressure from the wankblogs - or at least their supporters - and could probably do with a word or two of support. I don't know who is behind it all, and rather suspect that there is no overall guiding hand. What we are seeing is a diffuse campaign of harassment, where individual webmongs use the tactics of smear and innuendo to try and get a rise out of their victim. My feeling is that Neil should be proud that he has got the little cockroaches so wound up that they need to resort to this behaviour.

Why is he their chosen victim? Partly I think because he is emerging from the Iraq disaster with his head held high - so am I come to that. We said that it would all end in tears and we were right, weren't we? For the warmongers, hearing the sound of our raucous laughter must be unbearable, so they try to save face in whatever way they can.

Neil, of course, did so much to publicise the seemingly failed attempt to bring over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators into Britain. The Exile began the campaign, but the key to our success was Neil's article in The Guardian. It was that which got the letters' pages of the local press humming. Yes, I can imagine how failures like that must really get on their nerves. They can't even pat each other on the back and console themselves with the thought that they saved a few arse-licking scabs!

So, Neil, if you get to read this, please take heart. The fuckers are behaving this way because it is all they have left.