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20 September 2007
NuLab deselects Bob Wareing: he will fight as an independent
Bob Wareing, the Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby has been deselected, reports Neil Clark. The NuLabourites have chosen Stephen Twigg, a former MP who has no connection to Liverpool, to stand in his place.

First it has to be said that Wareing is 77 years old and should have retired a decade ago. That said, the fact that the local party has chosen Twigg, rather than a local activist, probably says more about the state of the NuLab base than it does about either Wareing or Twigg.

Put simply, what we are seeing is further evidence of the internal colonialism under which working class people are now forced to live. It could be said that it is their own fault, because they chose to disengage from politics. However, that disengagement came about because politics, in the shape of the Labour Party, no longer represented them.

The Wareing Affair is a case in point. In 1983 Liverpool registered a 5% swing to Labour - it was the only part of the country that saw through Thatcher and the class she represented. Given that Liverpool has been hammered time and again since then, it would be ludicrous to claim that the bulk of the population in Liverpool West Derby have suddenly become adherents to the NuLab notion of supporting globalised capitalism, screwing working class people and acting as America's batman in various wars of aggression. So why was Stephen Twigg, a man who believes in all of those things, chosen?

The Local Labour Party has been taken over, that's why. Not by the right, not by the left, but by that new sub-strata of social workers, teachers and council officers who form the colonial caste in our cities.

Yes, people are fighting back - this blog is an example of that - but I do fear that their call for a new party is just so much pissing in the wind. We need more than a new set of initials. We need an organisation that reflects our culture of drink beer, shag women and bollocks to the boss.

Labour started to go wrong when it ceased to represent the urban working class in any cultural sense. That happened before the party dumped the economic policies that working class people believe in.

This stranglehold that the class enemy has on politics means that we are treated as scum who are only needed to vote for whatever middle class tosser the local colonial class want to impose. It is also why a new party is not enough. It has to be a new party that will make people like Twigg feel afraid - very, very afraid.

The issue is as atavistic as that. It is time that the middle class felt the bladder tightening sensation that only fear brings.

If Bob Wareing does carry out his promise to stand as an independent, then could that be the start of the fightback? Only time will tell, but The Exile has a nice, Latin motto that a working class party should adopt: Oderint dum metuant!

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We need an organisation that reflects our culture of drink beer, shag women and bollocks to the boss.

Great post, Exile. We may not see eye to eye on much, but I always appreciate the passion and spirit.

20 September 2007 at 18:19  

Serbian Bob will be 79 by the next election.
An appeaser of the Bosnian Serb,who concealed his csah links should have gone years ago.

21 September 2007 at 11:11  

Why is it that inbred webmongs always, but always, use AOL?

21 September 2007 at 12:30  

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