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29 September 2007
No to British servers
The matter of the websites that were pulled by their British hosting company, Fasthosts, is becoming clearer. If you want to read the full story, Tim Ireland, one of the people who lost their site, as an explanation here. The Register's report, which is much briefer and to the point, can be found here.

Briefly, although the sites were hosted by Fasthosts, they had not sold the space to the bloggers. A reseller was involved and when Fasthosts decided to pull the plug, they did it on all the sites that this reseller had. That is why the likes of Boris Johnson the Tory MP went down as well.

Now, as we have already said, all these problems could have been averted by the use of a foreign server, but the point also needs to be made that you don't even save money by using a British one. Looking at Fasthosts' price list, the yearly cost of a basic .co.uk domain is £2.95 plus VAT. A .com costs £8.89, plus VAT. On the other hand, getting the domain from Yahoo costs less than a fiver and that is for a .com so you would have to be a mug to even register your domain with Fasthosts.

People, I think that the next blog campaign should be to encourage bloggers to get off British servers. It is not as if you are saving money by using British companies, and as fasthosts have proven, they will pull your site whenever it suits them.



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