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18 September 2007
Iraqis pull the plug on Blackwater mercenaries: or do they?
Following the massacre of at least eight Iraqi civilians by Blackwater, the American mercenary company, the Iraqi government has bowed to public pressure and revoked the outfit's license to operate in Iraq. The American State Department has gone into overdrive on this and it is highly likely that America's puppets will be told, firmly but clearly, that they are to do no such thing.

American diplomats are protected by the mercenary companies that operate in Iraq, and if Blackwater are forced to withdraw, those people will be unable to leave the Green Zone for a short while. It would only be a short while, because the Blackwater mercs could easily transfer to another company and quickly get back to escorting Americans around and killing Iraqis. Nevertheless, being forced to change mercenary companies could inconvenience the Americans, and that must not be allowed to happen.

Nobody will be prosecuted because one of the first things that the occupation forces did was pass Order 17 which states quite clearly that no mercenary is answerable to Iraqi law. The puppets have not repealed this ordinance, obviously, so it remains in force.

Interesting that you give credence to the Iraqi government's account of what happened, an account delivered before the incident has been properly investigated.

Normally you dismiss their claims because they are supposedly quislings. I guess consistency is not really your strong point, Exile.

18 September 2007 at 16:14  

An investigation!!! Real men don't investigate... They just aim for the towel.

18 September 2007 at 18:17  

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