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26 September 2007
How to blog anonymously
A couple of days ago we looked at how to keep your site on-line when faced by the boss class and their legal threats. Now let's look at how to keep your job as a blogger.

It is quite likely that as a working class blogger you will want to write about your boss, his place and his profits. That's fine, and more power to you. The more people who spill the beans about their bastard work the better. In the long run capitalism can only survive with the consent of the millions of peons who live from wage packet to wage packet every week. So let's encourage our people to blog, but to blog carefully. If the fuckers don't know who is spilling the beans, then we get to enjoy two great belly laughs. Once because the management filth are annoyed, then again because the cockroaches don't know who is doing it to them.

There is one basic rule to blogging about your work: be anonymous. Discretion is so obvious that I am amazed that bloggers get caught and lose their jobs. Just don't tell anybody about your nefarious activities. There is bound to be at least one gaffer's man in the group that you work with, so keep your trap shut.

Leading on from this, you need to blog under a pen-name and the e-mail account should be web based, and not the one that comes with your internet account. People this is just so fucking obvious, but bloggers still get caught, so let's keep things at primary school level. Use a web account and a pen name, OK?

Secondly, don't blog at work. If you do, then the boss might be able to figure out from the times of the postings who was on-line at that particular moment. He can then look at all the computers' hard drives and see who has been writing extra-curricular stuff. Don't think that deleting your private material will work, because it won't. There are programmes that can be used to undelete just about anything, so forget about blogging at work.

Assuming that you are employed by a private firm, then blogging from home should be fine. On the other hand, if you want to be super careful, go to an internet cafe to create your subversive postings.

People, a generation ago I was leaking all sorts of shit to the local press about my then employer. It used to drive the fuckers wild and thinking up new and outrageous leaks killed many a long, boring day at bastard work.

Think how much fun you can have with a blog - just be careful and you should be able to continue in business for many a long year.

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