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16 September 2007
Drug Rehab at with Narcononstonehawk
Stone Hawk claims to know all about addictions because almost everyone who works there was once an addict. Their drug rehabilitation centre is located in Michigan, in its own private grounds, that front its enormous private lake.

Their rehabilitation programme, called Narconon, was developed by William Benitez, a man much influenced by the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology Cult. Benitez felt that it was more useful to identify people's strengths rather than their weaknesses, and that this would help them overcome their addictions. The programme has a strong educational element within it, and concentrates on teaching people the skills necessary to lead a drug-free life.

A person taking the in-patient drug rehabilitation course can spend anything from 28 days at the centre to up to a full year; it all depends on their needs. The course begins with the detoxification process. This involves the sauna, regular exercise and vitamin supplements. When this has been completed, the educational process can begin. Obviously, each person is different, so putting a more exact time-scale to the treatment needed is not possible.

Now that you know about Stone Hawk, its location and origins, you can make a decision for yourself. The centre is ready to answer your questions, and even runs a blog where you can leave comments.
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