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05 September 2007
Doing the maths, Exile style
A quick trawl around the world of wankbloggery shows that not a single one of the sad-arsed losers has even commented on the cut and run from Basra yet. The nearest that any of them even comes to commenting on Iraq is a rather pathetic one-liner from the old Wankmaster-General. He compares the numbers turning out to anti-war demonstrations with the total population of the UK. To prove what? God knows, but it probably means something to the wanking tendency.

The Exile, who is a tolerant soul, could point out that all the those demonstrations in the 1960s didn't end America's war against Vietnam.

However, let's have a cheap laugh instead: The Euston Manifesto, a failure that the Wankmaster-General was heavily involved in, managed to attract a grand total of 2,929 signatories to its lofty aims. Except it didn't, because a big chunk of those people who signed up were porn-merchants looking for punters!

So, what's better? You can be a part of the movement that can say "we told you so" to those who cheered on aggression. Alternatively, you can support a manifesto with a website that is read by punters looking for something to assist the imagination as Mrs Hand and her five daughters go to work.

People, there is no contest here.



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