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11 September 2007
Doing the maths, Exile style part two
Do you remember when we had a cheap laugh at the expense of a warmonger who compared the average 50,000 turnout at anti-war rallies to the 60 million who live in the country? Well, now it's time for another good chuckle. Only now we get to laugh all the 'mongers to say nothing of their stooges.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, various types have been trying to save face by bringing over to the UK over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators to save them from whatever nasty fate usually befalls those who supported the imperial side when the empire finally falls. They screamed! They shouted! They organised a fucking petition...

Out of 60 million people in the UK only 1,066 have so far signed the on-line petition to save those poor harkis. The Exile wouldn't mind if people were being asked to march, but all they have to do is stick their names down on an electronic petition - and only one thousand are willing so to do!

And what names they are: the only ones missing are Ivan Erection, Nick Urzdown and Mustapha Slash!

Not to worry, folks. Having got you all wound up, Dan Hardie the blogger who came up with this lunatic idea in the first place is doing . . . sweet fuck all. His penultimate posting was on the 24th August and his last on the 5th September. He did announce the Commons' meeting that is due to take place next month, however, and the whole affair has probably helped his journalistic career no end.

How sad it must be for the 'mongers. They can't even get up a petition worth its salt.

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