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20 September 2008
Dems provide yet more ammunition to the GOP
As soon as I saw this piece in the New York Times I could smell trouble. Virginia hasn't voted Democrat in a presidential election since Lyndon Johnson took the state in 1964, but a massive population growth in the northern part during the last eight years has now made Virginia very marginal indeed:

Mr. McCain is expected to draw strong support from the more rural and southwest areas of the state, particularly among white working-class men... Support for Mr. Obama is much stronger in the northeastern section of the state, especially in places like Fairfax County, near Washington, whose population is younger, wealthier, better educated and more diverse.
That is the kicker, the bit about "better educated and more diverse." As opposed presumably to all those in-breds down south who look like extras from Deliverance.

Is that what the writer meant? Probably not - but that is how it will be presented, I reasoned. Sure enough a quick search revealed that rightist sites are playing up that asinine comment for all it is worth.

Obama the elitist snob is something that the right has been playing on for some months now - witness the poster above and the Michelle Malkin comment that first publicised it back in April of this year.

Giving them yet more ammunition to use in that charge is actually not a very good idea.



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