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02 September 2007
America gears up to attack Iran
The Americans are planning a three day series of terror raids on Iran, with the obvious aim destroying the country's entire infrastructure. The idea seems to be that whatever attacks the Americans mount, the Iranian response is going to be the same, so why not destroy the whole country and leave them with a generation's worth or rebuilding to do?

The obvious Iran response, which is to blockade the Straights of Hormuz, and unleash friendly militias, has already been war-gamed, and the Americans think that by releasing their 60-day emergency oil reserves, they can make up the loss of Iranian oil to the rest of the world, and prevent prices from spiralling. However, the report did not state what they were able to do to save their army in Iraq if the Iranians decided to make common cause with the Iraqis.

To make matter worse, the Democrats who control Congress have not reigned in the Chimp, still less put a stop to his adventure in Iraq by cutting off his funding. The Chimp has nothing to fear from that quarter.

The situation is still unclear, but from a British perspective, the time to demand that the British Government distance itself from the USA is clearly now. It will not stop any attack, but we need to make it clear to London that the days of pandering to this particular foreign country are over.



I don't think that bush will bomb
iran around now, for two reasons:

A: it will make the situation far
worse in Iraq, and cause the conflict to intensify in
Iraq pass George bushes term in the white house.

B: It would cause the price of
oil to rise from $70 a to
possible to $90-$100 due loss
Iranian exports (5 mbpd), and speciation, risk premiums.

It worth knowing that Bush planned
to bomb Iran in June 2005,
April 2007 did not do it, possible
for the same reasons listed above. However the bad news is that
Mr. Sdar told his army to stop
fighting for Six months, I don't
know if the U.S. is stoke piling

2 September 2007 at 17:48  

You are obviously unaware that we get zero oil from Iran. Not a drop for decades. So that makes no difference.

We're already fighting Iran in Iraq, why not take them out with strategic hits. It makes sense.

2 September 2007 at 22:30  

I know you don't get oil from Iran, and haven't done ever since 1979 when they made the USA look even more fucking stupid than the Iraqis are doing right now.

What I should have made clear is that an aggression against Iran could send oil prices through the roof, and that is what would effect the American economy. So releasing the reserve would be to try and stop that happening. I have altered the text to make that plain.

3 September 2007 at 00:47  


The USA has a strategic reserve of about six months supply. I suppose that they have added to it, if they are serious about attacking Iran.

3 September 2007 at 00:48  

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