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21 August 2007
When the going gets tough, the tough go fishing.

This is a gem for those of you who have had too much work, too much stress or too much wife: go fishing with the chance to win U.S.$125,000 for your efforts. The fishing tournament comes to you courtesy of bountyfishing.com and unlike the competitions that I can remember from England, you do not have to turn up at a specific time and place to take part.

All you have to do is register at the site and choose your competition. Having registered for that event, you are given a number which you must take with you on your trip.

Then you go fishing! That's right, to your favourite spot, the one that only you know. The place where the giants swim.

Hook your monster and take two photographs of him flat on a ruler, so that his length can be clearly seen. Make sure that your competition number is included in the shot, and remember that these beauties are judged on length and not weight - so hook the long 'uns and not the fatties.

You have to be an American resident to compete, because they want your social security number for the payout, but don't let that put you off. Wherever you live in the world you can still join this free site and take part in their fishing forums. That way you join a world wide community of fellow anglers. You can chat about fishing, or ask whatever question you want about both the salt and freshwater sport. They even have a team of professional anglers on hand just for those tricky questions that nobody else can answer.

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