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06 August 2007
Thoughts on occupied Palestine
Why are supporters of the western pale known as Israel such hysterical mongs? Say what you like about their nearest relatives, the Rhodesians, at least the latter did not whine quite so much. Other than that they are cut from the same cloth, both colonialist shitholes, full of odious, ambitious types who went out to feather their nest at the expense of the locals. Both claimed a spurious historical legitimacy: the Rhodesians because Great Zimbwabwe was built by some lost European civilisation, and the Israelis because, well, the Bible says it, dunnit? Both were talking a load of old wank in other words.

The Exile doesn't comment much on matters Israeli, largely because pushing at an open door is no fun. The Arabs will solve the problem of the western settlement in their own good time, and it is highly unlikely that many people in the rest of the world will give anything other than a yawn.

Maybe this is why the supporters of Israel are so mongish? Deep down in their tums they know that the future of Israel is nil. The relative birthrates between Arabs and Europeans will see to that, all other things being even. However, the Arabs are demonstrating in Iraq - as they demonstrated in Lebanon - that the days of western military hegemony over Arabia are coming to an end.

Rhodesia lasted 90 years from start to finish: Israel has so far survived almost 60. What are the chances of it seeing the 90 that Rhodesia managed?

I know it has gained currency as an insult around the blogosphere, but why the term "mong", which comes from an anacronistic and racist conception of Down's Syndrome?

My God, I feel like Mary Whitehouse.

6 August 2007 at 18:59  

I had no idea that it had become popular around the world of blogs. I hear it used back home in England, and just assumed that it was as popular today as it was when I was young.

It may be that the word has become offensive - something else I didn't know - because the middle class just love delegitimising working class speech in general. It's part of their permanent campaign to force us to accept their hegemony.

Not to worry, because now I shall use it far more frequently. The important thing is to demonstrate contempt to these creatures at every opportunity.

Thanks, John.

6 August 2007 at 21:36  

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