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25 August 2007
A load of wank
If you are from Pay Per Post, then I suppose you are wondering what happened to the load of old shit that was here until a few moments ago? Well, lads, it went the way of the five fucking quid that I was expecting from you. Put another way, you fucked with me and now I am going to fuck with you.

Here's the deal. What I do, work wise, I do for money. My interest in bastard work starts and ends with the money. I do the job, someone pays me, and then that someone can go and fuck himself. It's easy to understand: you pay me, and then you go and fuck yourself. Meanwhile, I will be in the pub, getting the taste of you out of my gob.

Not only have I not been paid for publicising your fucking company, but my posting has not even been reviewed at the time of writing. Sorry, lads, but I don't do free shit for any cunt.

I think that you can take this as my resignation.

2.00am, 4 September 2007


To all of those who are flooding in from the comment at Harry's Place, click on this link like the good sheeple that you are. My new blog needs the hits. Good lads.

3.30pm, 4 September 2007
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