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17 August 2007
New blogs on the block
I don't do many blog reviews, but given that I have been writing about plastic surgery a bit lately, it seemed like a good idea to look at two blogs that Dr. Lloyd Krieger has. The good doctor uses them to provide useful information for anyone considering plastic surgery.

The first one is mainly taken up with plastic surgery articles, and gives you the basic information that you need if you are considering this procedure. Everything is explained in simple language and most of the procedures are covered in some detail, everything from the famous tummy tuck down the the simple nose job. Well, it looks simple the way Dr. Krieger explains it, but then again he is the expert. The blog has a full range of before and after photos, so you can see the results for yourself, right there on your own monitor screen.

The second is the cosmetic surgery blog, and here the articles are more in-depth. Interestingly enough it is from this blog that I learned about the procedures that men often choose for themselves - plastic surgery doesn't just involve breast augmentation, folks!

Finally, I want to tell you about another of Dr. Krieger's pages, this one dealing with Beverly Hills liposculpture. According to Dr. Krieger, liposuction is probably the most common form of plastic surgery. This is because the end result tends to be just what the patient had hoped for, given that most of us have areas of our bodies that we wish were thinner.

Liposuction techniques are constantly changing, so Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery has developed LipoPlus, a centre within a centre, especially to carry out these operations. The LipoPlus centre combines highly trained staff, with state of the art equipment, all with the aim of ensuring the best possible results for you, the patient.

So, three pages, all packed with information that will help you to make the correct, informed choice.
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