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18 August 2007
Mexico City Today (Answer to guess the implement)

What's the implement? I have been asking the question all week and no bugger got it. People, it's the ice-pick that was used to twat Leon Trotsky back in 1940. It is now the property of the investigating agent's daughter and is kept in her house in Mexico City.

Leon Trotsky's house is now a museum and supposedly it is preserved exactly as it was when he died. Actually if you compare my 1988 photographs of the desk that he was sitting at when the dastardly deed was done with one that I took this year, you can see that this may not be the case. Still, the museum makes a good day out, at least if you happen to be in Mexico City.

Trotsky's grave is in the garden, and the story is told that every 20th August members of the local Communist Party would meet up in a local cantina. Each would get a good bladder full of beer and then they climbed the wall and formed a semi-circle around the grave. Each comrade than had a nice, long piss.

Even today, many streets and blocks of flats are named after Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, but I have never seen anything that carries the name of Trotsky. Say what you like about Mexicans, they don't support losers.

Historical footnote: Ramon Mercader del Rio, the man who put an end to Trotsky and his nonsense, served 20 years in a Mexican prison and was released in 1960. After spending a brief period of time in the USSR he moved to Cuba where he remained for the rest of his life. He died in 1978 and was buried with full state honours.



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