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31 August 2007
Iraq is not Vietnam; it may be more important
Iraq is not Vietnam. You can tell that because they speak fucking Arabic in Iraq and Vietnamese in Vietnam. Easy, really, so it didn't need this dreary list to teach us something that we already knew.

However, in one crucial aspect, Iraq is Vietnam. Both countries suffered a war of aggression that was waged against them by the United States and her allies. Support for Iraq today - and Vietnam 40 years ago - involves standing up for that basic principle of non-aggression, and that basic socialist principle of opposition to imperialist expansion.

In another crucial aspect, Iraq is more important than Vietnam. A generation ago the world was divided up into sovereign states, each with its own national economy. Today, led by the USA, national borders are increasingly becoming nothing more than lines on a map, with goods, services and people moving more or less freely across those lines.

As socialists, our aim is obviously to create a better tomorrow for our children, but equally obviously it is to destroy capitalism. We cannot have the one without the other, and the destruction bit has to come first.

The fact that the Iraqi guerrillas are not Fidel Castro Ruz and his men is neither here nor there. They fight for their own values, and those values are not ours, but they also fight, indirectly, for the end of globalised capitalism. In that sense, their war is our war, because they are fighting for us.

If the United States is thoroughly, comprehensively and totally defeated in Iraq, then there is the possibility that she may withdraw into isolationism. If that happens, then a large part of our war will have been won for us.

Now these are all very big ifs, but such an outcome is conceivable. If it happens, if those ragged heroes in Iraq do manage to stop the forward march of globalisation, then the British political class is likewise likely to find itself discredited by the process of defeat. People will be asking questions, and will not be looking to that class for answers.

We need to be ready. The left needs to get its act together and decide on a programme that will take Britain forward. We did it in the 1930s and early 1940s - we were ready for when the time came in 1945. We have to be ready again.

They won't do it though. There is no left anymore

1 September 2007 at 00:00  

"Iraq is not Vietnam. You can tell that because they speak fucking Arabic in Iraq and Vietnamese in Vietnam."

Is that the best you can do?

No, Iraq is not Vietnam, but you guys on the Left are trying your best to turn it into a new Vietnam - a country abandoned to the mercy of those who want to destroy it before it can learn to defend itself.

I was born in Vietnam. I grew up under the regime you leftists were so ardent for. I escaped by sheer persistence and a lot of luck. I'm an American now, and thank God for that. What I don't understand is why decent Americans still tolerate you and yours, when it's so obvious that you hate America and everything it stands for.

1 September 2007 at 00:35  

I am indifferent as to whether Americans tolerate me or not: I'm British, you silly sod.

Taking the rest of your old wank, it looks to me as if Iraq is defending itself rather well. Care to remind us of just how many Americans have been culled over the past four and a half years?

Y'all have a nice day...

1 September 2007 at 01:27  

You may be a Brit, exile, but you're also a moron, a boor and a brute. Your country owes mine a hell of a lot more than it can ever repay. For you to root for our men to die at the hands of Middle Eastern savages is unforgivable.

Sleep well...if you can. And the next time your country is about to fall to the Hun, or is in danger ot subjugation by those lovely Muslims "y'all" have imported from Pakistan, one of whom has said he wants to see the black flag of Islam flying over Downing Street and another of whom has just said that if Iran hit Israel with a nuke he'd "dance in Trafalgar Square," we'll see who you and your countrymen call to bail out your sorry asses.

Fetiche is worth a hundred of you.

1 September 2007 at 20:42  

No, Francis, it owes you nothing. Two World Wars that America joined because it was in her interest to join. The fact that she joined the same side as Britain is neither here nor there. Want gratitude? Get a dog.

And if you are going to wage wars of unprovoked aggression, then don't be shocked when the locals fight back. This war against Iraq fits that category rather well.

1 September 2007 at 23:39  

Today, led by the USA, national borders are increasingly becoming nothing more than lines on a map, with goods, services and people moving more or less freely across those lines.

And that's a bad thing? I didn't think socialists were very big fans of nationalism. Well, if we get rid of borders, as John Lennon said "there'll be no more countries." I noticed you don't mind doing cross border transactions via pay pal. As long as it's your bank account that's benefiting, apparently global trade is just fine, is that it?

You're just a sad, misguided little hypocrite.

3 September 2007 at 05:16  

Actually, I am just a bloke doing his hours in any way he can and making a buttie. I would much rather be back in the UK, picking up a wage in some job or other and then getting into the nearest pub on a Friday to get the taste of the bastard job out of my gob with plenty of swill.

As far as nationalism is concerned, I take the view that the shagging of capitalism comes first. We shag in whatever way we can, so if that means supporting national, or even sub-national, movements, then that is fine.

Eyes on the prize and let's not behave like mongs, OK? The shagging comes first.

4 September 2007 at 07:37  

Can anyone tell me why russian brides seeking foreign men?

1 May 2009 at 13:42  

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