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18 August 2007
Free on-line introductions
Your friendly Exile is probably a bit too old to worry about what the Americans call dating - the wife might object as well - but that is not to say that the dating game has died out since his day, it has just changed out of all recognition. The Internet was created and the web now abounds with sites that offer introductions to all sorts of people. The problem is that what they all seem to have in common is a desire to separate people who sign up from their money.

aims to be different from all the rest. In the first place because it is one of the few genuinely free dating sites on the web. However, the fact that the sites' owners are offering free online dating does not mean that they are offering a second rate site. In fact, they claim that their free dating site is as good as any pay site.

Now, since it doesn't cost anything to sign up, why not go along and spend the 60 seconds that it takes to go through the registration process? After that it is just a matter of getting in touch with the people whose photographs and profiles appeal to you.

Looking at the people who have already signed up, well, it's a pity that I am so old. The girls are certainly pretty enough, and the site seems to have all the services that other sites have - except that they don't want any money off you.

So why not pop along and have a look at what they offer?

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