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21 August 2007
Free on-line chat
Are you a fan of chat rooms? If so then you will love WireClub.com because they seem to have everything that you need to chat the night away. You can join any one of literally hundreds of free chat rooms, chat to your friends, and make lots of new ones.

The site is organised around its clubs, with each one related to an interest. You can join any club that you want or jump in and create one of your own. You don't have to join a club if you don't want to - you can just go to a chat room and start nattering - but the clubs do seem an easy and effective way to meet people who share your interests. As the site has over 30,000 clubs, finding one for you should not be difficult.

If you have a romantic streak, then this might just be the site for you. They offer a free dating service as part of their free package.

Finally, had you ever thought about starting a blog? WireClub.com gives you a free template and web space to do just that.

So, go along and chat in one of the rooms, join a club of like minded people, hunt for the love of your life, and then blog about everything - all under one electronic roof!

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