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02 August 2007
The Exile's readership increases.
Yesterday this blog scored over a hundred hits, which is remarkable for a one man band like this. During the month of July we registered just over one thousand visitors, which was the highest monthly tally for over a year.

I am pleased that so many new people have discovered The Exile and hope that you will continue to return. I will do my best to keep on posting...

There are not many blogs that try to present the world through the eyes of an ordinary, British working man - at times it seems as if this is the only one. Over the past generation we have seen our standard of living decline dramatically, our unions destroyed and our political party taken over by the very class of people who now act as our colonial administrators. This blog is a reminder that we still exist and that a reckoning is still pending.

One final point to all the new readers. The core readership of this blog used to number about 20, although numbers did rise to between 50 and 70 on a good day. Now that the readership has increased, it is to be hoped that the core readership will also rise. Please, if you can afford it, consider clicking on the Pay-Pal button that you can see to the right of the screen.

The blog and its owner stand for the good old cause: anti-imperialism, anti-globalisation and pro-working class. We need your support!

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